2009 NCAA Tournament: Brackets!

February 25th, 2009
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2009 NCAA Tournament: Brackets Up!


Looking to get a head start on March Madness? Want to mess around filling out your own projected NCAA Tournament brackets? If so, CollegeHoops.net has you covered.


Here are four different style NCAA Tournament brackets for you to download, print, or simply fill in:


Printable Bracket

  The classic style printable bracket that is easy to download and perfect for office pools

 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket



Excel Bracket (xls)

  The standard Excel style, preformatted so you can type in picks with ease, or saved it to your desktop.


Excel Bracket (xlsx)

  A slightly newer version of Excel if you're into that.


PDF Bracket

  The PDF version is a good, slightly better looking, alternative to the printable bracket. It requires a PDF reader of course.


NCAA Bracket Page

  This is where our filled-in brackets will be posted on Selection Sunday. Bookmark it and return in (only!) two weeks..



Return to CollegeHoops.net on Selection Sunday and download our filled-in brackets, perfect for running your office or local pool.