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The draft order is projected based on current NBA standings.  Arrows represent big movers from the previous mock draft.  Visit CHN's Draft News Page to see the latest headlines on each player.  Visit the 2004 Mock Draft History Page to see the previous incarnations of CHN's Mock Draft.  Visit our NBA Draft Rankings, to see who CHN ranks players in terms of their NBA potential regardless of where they may get picked.  Finally, visit our Statistical Projections to see how players should fare in future years.


Check out our 2004-05 College Basketball Preview

Ranking & Previewing 144 Teams in 144 Days

  ●  2004 FIRST ROUND  
1 Orlando  Dwight Howard
2 Charlotte ** Emeka Okafor
3 Chicago Ben Gordon
4 LA Clippers Shaun Livingston
5 Dallas ** Andre Iguodala
6 Atlanta Luol Deng
7 Chicago ** Luke Jackson
8 Toronto Devin Harris
9 Philadelphia Andris Biedrins
10 Cleveland Josh Childress
11 Golden State  Kirk Snyder
12 Seattle Josh Smith
13 Portland Pavel Podkolzine
14 Utah Sergei Monya
15 Boston Robert Swift
16 Utah ** Rafael Araujo
17 Atlanta ** Al Jefferson
18 New Orleans JR Smith
19 Miami Jameer Nelson
20 Denver Sasha Vujacic
21 Utah ** Kris Humphries
22 New Jersey Sebastian Telfair
23 Portland ** Peter Ramos
24 Boston ** Dorell Wright
25 Boston ** Anderson Varejao
26 Sacramento Kevin Martin
27 LA Lakers Viktor Khryapa
28 San Antonio Ha-Seung Jin


29 Indiana Beno Udrih
  ●  2004 SECOND ROUND  
30 Orlando Donta Smith
31 Phoenix ** David Harrison
32 Washington Jackson Vroman
33 LA Clippers Tony Allen
34 Atlanta Delonte West
35 Seattle** Trevor Ariza
36 Orlando ** Ricky Minard
37 Atlanta ** Tim Pickett
38 Chicago ** Jackie Butler
39 Toronto ** Bryant Matthews
40 Boston

Chris Duhon

41 Seattle Andre Emmett
42 Orlando ** Antonio Burks
43 New York Romain Sato
44 New Orleans Rickey Paulding
45 Charlotte ** Matt Freije
46 Portland Blake Stepp
47 Miami Herve Lamizana
48 Sacramento ** Jaber Rouzbahani
49 Memphis ** Lionel Chalmers
50 Dallas ** Mo Ke
51 New Jersey Darius Rice
52 San Antonio ** Jaime Lloreda
53 Miami ** Ales Chan
54 Detroit Nigel Dixon
55 Houston ** Sergey Lishchuk
56 LA Lakers David Young
57 San Antonio Misan Nikagbatse
58 Minnesota

Arthur Johnson

59 Indiana Christian Drejer


Next in Line:

Desmon Farmer, Bernard Robinson, Chris Garnett, Michel Morandais, Rich Melzer, Pape Sow, TJ Cummings, Andre Barrett, Tony Bobbitt, Timmy Bowers, Justin Reed, Brandon Mouton, James Thomas, Sean Finn, Marcus Moore,  Antoine Wright, Jabahri Brown, Julius Page, Amit Tamir, Cory Violette, Luis Flores, Delonte Holland


** - Atlanta receives Milwaukee's 1st round pick (via Detroit, via Denver)

     Atlanta receives Philadelphia's 2nd round pick. 

      Atlanta receives Orlando's 2nd round pick

** - Boston receives Dallas & Detroit's 1st round draft picks.

** - Charlotte receives the #2 pick from LA for #4 and #34. 

      Charlotte receives #45 from Milwaukee for Z.Pachulia

** - Chicago receives the #7 pick from Phoenix for #31 and a future 1st rd pick

** - Dallas receives the #5 pick (and more) from Washington for A.Jamison

      Dallas receives Denver's 2nd round pick

** - Miami receives Dallas' 2nd round pick

** - Orlando receives Phoenix's 2nd round pick

** - Philadelphia receives Golden State's 2nd round pick. 

      Philadelphia receives Orlando's 2nd round pick

** - Portland receives Memphis' 1st round pick (so long as not in Top 3.)

** - San Antonio receives Memphis' 2nd round pick

** - Toronto receives Cleveland's 2nd round pick

** - Utah receives New York's 1st round pick (via Phoenix, unless Phoenix's real pick drops below New York's"

      Utah receives Houston's 1st round pick (conditional on being below lottery)


Please email if you discover any needed changes to CHN's draft order


Visit our NBA Draft Rankings, to see who CHN ranks players in terms of their NBA potential regardless of where they may get picked.


2004 NBA Mock Draft composed by:

Shawn Siegel - View Siegel's Final 2003 Mock Draft for comparison


Do you have a question about CHN's Mock Draft, Draft News, or a general question for Shawn Siegel, CHN's NBA Draft Expert .  Check out the "NBA Draft Mailbag!"


Questions & Comments - All basketball related questions in the form of "How do you think so and so looks in the draft", etc, should be asked on the message board:


Please use email only for reports of technical issues, grammar mistakes, changes in a team's draft position due to trade, or newspaper/media interview requests & inquiries.


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