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Who Will Be The Top Pick?

LaMarcus Aldridge
Andrea Bargnani
Rudy Gay
Adam Morrison
Tyrus Thomas



What Do You Rate This Draft Class?

A - Thomas, Gay, and Bargnani are future studs.
B - Pretty good. Some potential stars.
C - Similar to last year's in talent.
D - Below average draft. No one stands out.
F - Most of these guys will soon be forgotten.



Which Probable Second Rounder Will Surprise?

Hassan Adams
Josh Boone
Dee Brown
Mike Gansey
PJ Tucker
Darius Washington
James White

Who is the Best Shooting Guard?

Ronnie Brewer
Randy Foye
Rudy Fernandez
JJ Redick
Brandon Roy

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College Basketball Preview: 2006-07

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Who Will Be the Biggest Bust?

Andrea Bargnani
Mardy Collins
Rudy Gay
Patrick O'Bryant
JJ Redick
Tyrus Thomas
Shawne Williams

How Good is Tyrus Thomas

Stud - He can dominate like Ben Wallace.
Star - He has a few all-star games in him.
Solid - He's like Kenyon Martin.
Overrated - He's the next Stromile Swift.
Bust - Not even as good as Stromile Swift.

Which Senior Will Turn Out Best

Hilton Armstrong
Rodney Carney
Mardy Collins
Paul Davis
Randy Foye
JJ Redick
Shelden Williams

Will the Raptors Trade The Pick?

Yes. They can get better value.
Yes. Because they usually mess things up.
No. It makes no sense.
No. But they should.

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