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Kathryn Iribarren, forward for the Southwestern University Pirates recently took the time to be interviewed by NJHoopsnet.   She told us about the Georgetown, TX school's new coach, prospects for the upcoming season, and other fun and interesting insight.

1)    Kathryn, thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions.  To start, I was wondering how you ended up attending Southwestern? Were there any other schools you considered? 
No problem!  Actually I didn't even know about Southwestern until late in my senior year when I was trying to decide where to go, whether to play basketball or soccer, or to just focus on academics.  I wanted a small school with strong academics so I was looking at Trinity (our rivals) and some colleges in California.  Through my visits at Trinity I heard about Southwestern and I soon learned that it was a better fit for me.  I could play basketball, attend a small school (1200 total!) and be close to home.

2)    At 5'8", you're listed as a forward.  How would you describe your game to our readers?  Is there any special skill you've been working on over summer?
Well, I am a tiny post!  I was very tall when I was younger and I naturally played a post.  Then in high school, I moved out to the forward position and when I came here, I got to play post again. Although I am shorter than most people I guard, I feel most comfortable at the post.  Defense is what I love to do and what I am best at, so I have been working on some moves this summer that will allow me to get more shots off of taller opponents. 

3)    This summer, former alumna Kerri Brinkoeter was hired to be the new head coach.  Have you had a chance to speak or spend any time with Coach Brinkoeter?  Are you excited or disappointed in the change?
We all had the opportunity to talk with Coach K and I think everybody is really excited about her being our new coach.  She is extremely friendly and personable, and she brings along with her a knowledge of the game.  A couple of weeks ago she came to watch a teammate and me play in a summer league game and we got to talk with her and it was fun.  This will be our third coach in three years, so it has been tough on us, but we hope this year will be very promising. 

4)    Southwestern plays in a tough conference, including power DePauw, but you return a lot of players for an experienced squad.  Can you make any predictions of how the team will fare in the new season? 
I think that we have great potential for the next year.  In addition to the returning players, we have incoming freshman that look very promising.  We are also coming off a great season where we made many strides, so I think we will be strong contenders this season.

5)    Last year you were a very consistent performer for the Pirates.  Is there any one game that sticks out as your best personal performance of the season?   
Well, the trip that is most memorable to me is when we went to Indiana to play DePauw and Rose Hulman.  I got very sick when we arrived at the hotel and I ended up going to the emergency room where I got some medicine to help me with the pain.  We had low numbers (from injuries) and I ended up playing that weekend, and they were two of the best games that I had last season!  I guess a trip to the emergency room should be part of my pre-game ritual!

6)    What are your plans after college?  Do you plan on remaining involved with basketball in any way?
This is the dreaded question!!!  I am quite uncertain on my plans, but I am considering going to get my masters in business somewhere in California after I graduate.  I hope to stay involved in sports (soccer is my second love), and possibly work in the business aspect of sports.

7)     Off the topic of school, are you a fan or a follower of the WNBA?  Are their any women or men basketball players who you look up to, or try to emulate?
In the first two seasons I was a big fan of the Comets and I went to their games every so often.  Over the past couple of years, however, I have been so busy that I have not been able to follow the WNBA.  Also, I was a big fan of the Rockets back when they won championships and my favorite player of all time is Hakeem Olajuwon.  I love that he is so humble and kind and that he doesn't let his fame go to his head.  He is a great player, but he doesn't act cocky or greedy, like many athletes do these days.  His attitude is what makes him so great!

8)    I'd like to wish you the best of luck in the new season.  Is there anything you'd like to tell Southwestern fans, or just anything you'd like to add in general? 
Thanks!  I just want to let everyone know that we are a great team and we are hard workers, so be ready for a great season from us!

As usual, I'd like to wish Kathryn & her family the best in the coming year.  If you'd like to read more great interviews, check out or interview archive.







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