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Steven Reid - Oberlin

















Steven Reid is a guard for Oberlin College.  He hopes to help the nationally respected academic school make an imprint on the NCAC Conference this year.

1) Steven, why did you decide to attend Oberlin College? Were there any other schools you seriously considered going to?
Oberlin has always been known as a great academic school, and it never hurts to
graduate with a degree that has international scope. In the past couple of years the college has been committing itself towards improving its athletic programs. I felt it would be a great opportunity to learn as well as to continue playing basketball. I also
seriously considered going to the Naval Academy. I had been accepted academically, and physically, but the question was my asthma. When I found out, shortly before the day I would have left, that the final medical review board didn't OK my waiver, Oberlin was the pick. The fact that both my parents graduated from OC didn't hurt.

2) Oberlin is ranked one of the top 50 liberal-arts colleges in the nation by U.S. News. How hard is it to balance the athletics and academics, and at the same time having an enjoyable social life?
It was tough at first trying to be the best student I could be, while trying to become the best basketball player I can be. Then adding any social activity really made my head spin at times.  By the second semester, though I had the whole time management thing down, and everything went a lot smoother then it had at the beginning of  the year. I have learned that the Professors are really understanding, as long as you talk to them, and that really helped. It was actually easier for me to get done what I had to during the season. I knew I had to work hard, for if I didn't, I would fall too far behind because I didn't have much time. Outside of basketball season I was hit with more free time and I would start to enjoy it too much, and before I knew it I wouldn't have time to finish what I needed to. I was very fortunate to have teammates who also helped me out in this transition.

3) Frank "Happy" Dobbs was recently named the team's new Head Coach. Dobbs has extensive coaching experience, including being the head coach of Brown for nine years, and was a solid player at Villanova in early 80's. Have you had a chance to meet your new coach? Are you excited about the new change?
My teammates and I had an opportunity to eat lunch with coach Dobbs, and the rest of our coaching candidates. Even though it was just a short while I got to spend with him, I got the impression that he was a great person, and would be able to help our team continue in the right direction.

4) In the past three years, Oberlin has gone from 2, to 7 and then to 9 wins last season. This year, you're going to lose James Keating to transfer (Wright St.), and may be without leading scorer Chris Ikpoh due to ineligibility. Do you think the team will improve on their win total yet again? Is getting to .500 one of the team's goals?
I believe we can achieve a higher win total this upcoming season, even despite our losses. It is definitely going to be a harder task without them, but we have a great group of players coming back. It is an opportunity for someone to step up, and I am confident someone will.

5) Oberlin plays in the North Coast Athletic Conference. How is the competition in the NCAC? What teams are usually the toughest, and who's the favorite for this new season?
The competition level is really high in the NCAC; the games are really competitive. When you think of the top teams in the conference, Wittenburg, Wooster, Ohio
Weslyan, and Wabash always come to mind. You can't count out the rest of the league though for on any night anybody can beat anybody; we proved it last year with wins over Wabash and Ohio Weslyan. Until someone dethrones them, Wittenburg has to be the favorite for next year.

6) In a short paragraph, how would you describe your own game? Is there any special skill/s you've been working on to improve your game during the off-season?
Well, I'm shooting guard by trade, but tend to play more like a point. I'm notorious for passing off an open shot for a teammate who I think might have a better chance to score. I pride myself on assists, and defense more so than the points I score. This
summer I have been shooting a lot, and also working on my ball handling. I have also been doing a lot of strength and conditioning work.

7) Do you know anything about Oberlin's incoming class? Have you had a chance to play with them?
I have gotten to play with many of the recruits that came to visit, but as of right now I don't know very much about Oberlin's incoming class. Being in the midst of a coaching change late in the recruiting season many of our recruits were reluctant to commit to a school without a sure coach. I don't know which one of them would be coming this coming year. I do know that we have a center coming from Massachusetts. I have not seen him play, and I'm looking forward to see what he can do.

8) Could you tell us a bit about your hoops career before heading to college. Do any of your former teammates now play college ball?
I Played for Clovis West High School before attending Oberlin College. My junior year was the only year I played on the varsity level. My senior year I decided not to play basketball so that I could play volleyball year round. Clovis West is the perennial powerhouse in California's central section, winning 6 straight, and counting, CIF
section titles and numerous  top 20 state rankings .My junior was a great one, being ranked as high as 9th in the nation by USA today, ranked 3rd in the state overall,  with the team reaching the state Division 1(largest school) finals, registering wins over teams featuring many NBA and Division 1 stars, including DeShawn Stevenson (Utah Jazz) Tyson Chandler (Chicago Bulls), Wesley Stokes (University of Missouri),  and Cedric Bozeman (UCLA), to name a few. From my team 9 players play college ball, including two Division 1 players; Chris Hernandez (Stanford), and Andrew Awad (Santa Barbara), three NAIA players, and three at the Junior College level. I am the only player that plays Division three ball.  Two of my teammates Tyrone Jackson, and Jason Walberg, who will play for Fresno City College next season have Division 1 talent, and watch for them in the next few years.

9) What are your plans after college? Do you have any interest in coaching basketball or remaining with the game, or do you plan to put the sport behind you?
If I have the opportunity to continue my playing career, I would love to, but other than that I think I might be done with basketball for awhile. I would like to get into the business sector, and if I have time to do a little coaching I would love to. I do plan on continuing to play ball recreationally.

10) Is there anything special you'd like to tell Oberlin fans, and
other hoops fans from around the country?
I would like fans to watch out for Oberlin in the coming years, the program is definitely on the upswing. Also, don't underestimate Division III basketball. It might not have the coverage, or notoriety as Division I, but the basketball is played at a high level. I know for a fact that many of the D3 players have the talent to play D1!








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