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Best Logos in the Big 12


By Brian Price (Aug 16, 2002)


Hey there everyone.


This is my first article for, and the first in a series of these “Best Logos in the Conference”. And let me start off by saying any constructive criticism, suggestions, or praise would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you think one that I picked doesn’t deserve to be there, or you think one should’ve have made it that didn’t make it. And this would be especially appreciated, because will, I try and do at least a little research on this topic, but school websites, and sites that database logos don’t always have what I need. However, all the logos seen here are from the Sports Logo Encyclopedia, if you wish to visit them, and have any interest in sports logos, I would suggest you go here. They’re link is: .


Anyway, back to the topic at hand. And my winners are: (Keeping in mind I only take one logo from each university)


Drum roll please ( And proceed to scroll down the page for the winners)


1) Texas Tech Red Raiders (Raider on Horse)

Yes, that’s right, the winner is Texas Tech’s raider on his horse. I don’t know if there is any official name for this logo, but in my mind it’s the best logo put up by Texas Tech and the best in the Big 12. And for just some reason this logo just really grabs my attention, grabs the full spirit of Texas Tech and fully idealizes the Red Raider nickname. Therefore, it gets my vote. Not to mention, I like logos that aren’t too buys nor too plain, this logo is definitely not too busy or too plain.


2) Baylor Bears (Bear with “BU”)

I know the Bears aren’t the best at the sports they play, it’s been a while since they’ve had a good season in basketball, but they aren’t cellar dwellers every year and at least hold up some sort of respect. Not to mention, when they use the bear logo, they look good no matter if they win or lose. This logo, like the Red Raider logo, is perfect for Baylor, however, it does resemble many other school and professional team logos. Yet, in my opinion, this is the perfect logo for Baylor, it just seems to fit the University of Baylor perfectly for some reason.



3) Oklahoma State Cowboys (The Cowboy)

I don’t know what it is, but the Cowboy from Oklahoma State is one of those logos I just love, however, it doesn’t win, because A) I don’t think its fierce enough, now if the cowboy were a little more 2000 style, he might be number one. B) Oklahoma has changed their colors and I don’t actually know if they still use the cowboy anymore. The cowboy though, is really the only Oklahoma State logo I’ve ever seen besides their script logos. Now if they make the Cowboy more fiercer and update him to current color standards, I think he’s a shoe-in for first place.


 4) Iowa State Cyclones ( Cy With “Iowa State Cyclones” Script )

Cy hasn’t been around for all that long, I’m not sure how long he has been around, but he’s not all that old. And Cy is no push-over either, he may be represented as a bird, but I don’t think anyone would want to pick a fight with Cy. This logo is very fierce, and that is what I love about these types of logos. And it’s not to busy nor too plain, and that seems to be the type of logos that the Big 12 produces, fierce logos that aren’t too busy nor too plain. Plus they’ve got some very recognized logos, like you’ll find out by our fifth and final place winners.


5) Tie – Nebraska (N with “Huskers” Script) and Kansas (Jay-hawk with “KU” Logo)

Like I said, these are very recognized logos, even if you take the KU off the Jay-hawk and the “Huskers” script off the ‘N’ you go around and ask anyone who’s logos those are and I bet you that at least, at least, 90 out of 100 will correctly answer, if not all 100 do answer correctly. Now the ‘N’ at Nebraska has been around for who knows how long, but it’s been around for a long time, and the Jay-hawk at Kansas has been around for a good period of time too. Now granted, they have undergone some minor changes, and their publicity has been helped by their athletics publicizing them with their continued success, but still, these logos are classic logos.  There ought to be a law for the ‘N’ logo that it’s a national treasure.  The Kansas logo though, this year the football team got new colors, whether the same is true for the basketball team, I don’t know. We’ll just have to find out. These logos aren’t all that fierce, and I’m sure the Jay-hawk looks a little wimpy, and they are actually pretty plain, but I really don’t care, these logos are timeless. I sure everyone can agree that these logos stand-out and everyone knows what school they belong to.


Talk to you later, and I look forward to your suggestions, criticism, and comments. I’m sure they’ll be a lot of it, especially when the real logo experts (sorry I’m not one of them actually) get a hold of this, they’ll be ripping me for weeks to come. And like I said, I probably forget some great logo, let me know!




Brian Price