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Is the ACC the NCAA's best conference?

by Mike Boone


The Atlantic Coast Conference is undoubtedly the best college basketball in the country, but some people still believe that the conference is not the undisputed champion. A lot of analysts and other major media writers want to push the Pac-10 or the SEC as en vogue alternatives to the mighty beast from the East Coast. These folks may enjoy the attention their foolishness brings them, but the argument is a losing cause. You can not make a serious case for any other conference in major-college basketball. It is impossible to argue against the hard facts of the one-sided dominance that characterizes ACC basketball. The conference simply wins more games than any other conference in the country. As long as the ACC continues to rule the roost, every other conference will be playing catch up to the ACC.

For an example of the conferenceís control of the college basketball realm look no further than the records of ACC teams versus teams from other conferences. Every year ACC teams play ambitious non-conference schedules, including the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Despite the difficulty of this scheduling the wins continue to roll in. This year alone, the ACC is 88-16 versus non-conference opponents, including three wins over teams that were ranked number one. Even more telling is the record that the conference holds against the other top conferences. With a combined record of 24-15 versus the Big East, Big 12, Big 10, Pac-10, Conference USA, and SEC, the ACC is the dean of college basketball leagues.

Looking across the history of college basketball and itís conferences itís fairly easy to document the consistent leadership of this conference. No other league holds a winning record in games against the Atlantic Coast Conference, 18 times since 1950 the ACC has had a team either win or finish as a runner-up in the NCAA tournament. Even more impressive, 31 times since 1950 at least one ACC team has appeared in the Final Four. Who can hope to measure up to this ridiculous record of production? No conference in college basketball, thatís for certain.

As if the numbers werenít enough of a testament to the abundant riches that typify ACC basketball the conference holds an emotional edge as well. What conference in the nation can match the sheer hatred, and pageantry of a Duke-North Carolina game? The energy both teams bring to the court embodies the spirit of the ACCís basketball squads. They play hard every night, which is why ACC road wins are nearly impossible to grab. With a combined 13 national titles in the last 54 years and with several legitimate national powerhouses the ACC is easily the most impressive compilation of basketball teams in the nation. When you add to the mix teams on the rise such as NC State, Georgia Tech and Florida State, you have college basketballís most dangerous, most deep conference.

by Mike Boone


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