Unsubstantiated Speculation: Today's NBA Draft Rumors

May 22nd, 2007
Atlanta Hawks: NBA DraftWith all the excitement of a lead-in to Jeopardy! the NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight. It is always a glorious event. Where else can we watch the usually cocksure (and by “cocksure” I mean oblivious) NBA executives sweat through their suits and smile nervously while clutching some sort of lucky charm — like a lion’s tooth or gypsy tears or something — knowing that some stupid Ping Pong balls could savage their respective careers. Only in the NBA could this become not only a relevant event,

The One and Done Club: Freshmen in the 2007 NBA Draft

May 21st, 2007
Georgia Tech

Any serious discussions concerning the 2007 NBA draft must begin with talk of the fabulous freshman class entered in it. In all, eight NCAA freshmen have thrown their hats into the ring for this year's draft, which is not an overwhelming number. However, the talent level of some of these frosh is what sets this year's draft class apart.

Three-Point Line: Breaking Down the Pros & Cons

May 16th, 2007

So the NCAA Rules Committee has recommended moving the three-point line back a foot, from 19’ 9” from the hoop to 20’ 9”. Over the past several days I have read numerous reactions to this proposed modification, which, if approved, will be implemented in the 2008-2009 season. Responses run the gamut from supportive to bitterly opposed, with quite a few doses of relative indifference lying indolently in the middle.