Mid-Season All-America Teams

January 3rd, 2008

Although the college basketball season is only a couple of months old, the start of the new year is a great time to reflect on which stars shined the brightest in 2007. Many of the names below are familiar to even a casual fan, while a few of the names are only known to the sport's most passionate followers. There may not be an Oden or Durant among the group, but there could be a couple of lottery picks in the years ahead, and several who will make an NBA roster. I present to you the best of 2007 (by position):


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December 30th, 2007

Big Ten: All-November

December 8th, 2007
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Like the case across most of the BCS conferences, a freshman is leading the way in the Big 10.  The old dogs are doing ok also, as two seniors make this early season list.


Freshman 10: Week 4 Report & Ranking

December 4th, 2007
There isn’t a lot to talk about this time around. Well, at least if you’re amongst the vast majority that has rightfully conceded this season to the freshmen. We’ve started to see some guys come back to Earth and display the expected inconsistencies that will crop up for most freshmen, but the youngsters are still taking over games with regularity and it seems to be a different one every night. Beasley and Gordon have been trading spots atop the nation’s scoring list and, as Gary Parrish of CBS Sportsline wrote awhile ago,

Freshman 10: Gordon & Rose Top the List

November 20th, 2007
Um, yeah, this isn’t going to be easy.


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November 18th, 2007
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Freshman 10: Season Debut

November 6th, 2007
DukeBasketball is back.


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November 4th, 2007

Indiana Hoosiers


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October 31st, 2007
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