UMASS Beats Syracuse 107-100

November 29th, 2007

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Behind a balanced team effort, The University of Massachusetts men's basketball team won a thrilling 107-100 up and down game over Syracuse on Wednesday evening. Falling behind by as many as 12 early in the second half, UMass rode the backs of Ricky Harris, Gary Forbes, and Dante Milligan to the upset victory. Harris finished with a career-high 25 points while Milligan tied a career-high with 17, and Forbes scored 23. The Minutemen improve to 5-1, while the Orange drop to 4-2.

Daily Dribble: Wednesday Recap

November 29th, 2007

Serving up an order of the usual.. 15 nuggets on last night's action:

1. What's the deal with NC State? The numbers of the returning "Big 4" have fallen off the table. Ben McCauley's dropped from 14 ppg to 4 ppg. Brandon Costner's dropped from 17 to 11. Gavin Grant's dropped from 15 to 10. At least Courtney Fells is about the same.

2. Their starting point guard was out, the backup was 0-5 from the floor and had just 3 assists.. and UNC still won by 11. That's the sign of a solid team.

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Wright State Wins Foul Shooting Contest With Marshall

November 29th, 2007

Dayton –- If you wanted rhythm tonight you had to go to a jazz club, because with 50 fouls called on Wright State and Marshall leading to 64 free throws, the teams could not get into any kind of rhythm or flow in this game.

In between standing around and watching foul shots Wright State managed to pull out a win 77-70 against a pesky Marshall team in this free throw shooting contest.

Daily Dribble: Tuesday Night Recap

November 28th, 2007

Today I serve up the usual.. 15 nuggets about last night's action. Here we go:

1. Good thing Calipari cancelled Thanksgiving.. otherwise Memphis might have lost to Austin peay.. oh wait, it wouldn't have mattered.

2. Taylor King has never met a shot he didn't like.. kind of like Wilt Chamberlain and women.

3. Greg Paulus should take a page out of King's book and realize he should do nothing but shoot threes. (He's hitting 46% from deep).

4. Pittsburgh's 6-0 after beating BU last night.. but for the love of God, can they play somebody?

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Daily Dribble: Monday Recap

November 27th, 2007

Due to a shortened schedule last night without any top 25 teams in action.. the usual Replay in 15 will be reduced to a Replay in 10. Onwards to the nuggets of joy:

1. Stephen Curry apparently wasn't happy Davidson dropped out of the Top 25 and took his anger out against Appalachian State. The diminutive guard scored a career-best 38 points in the 71-60 win.

2. That matchup was the country's 2nd in-conference game, as the SoCon has moved to an extended 20-game schedule

Daily Dribble: Sunday Recap

November 25th, 2007

I'm back after a little Thanksgiving weekend break. Hope everyone had a nice holiday. As always, the concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. Ohio State destroying VMI isn't a big deal. But holding the Keydets to 57 points is a huge deal. VMI hasn't scored under 70 points in over a year, and they hadn't scored under 60 since the end of the 05-06 season.

2. Tied with 20 seconds to go at Kansas and the ball in their hands, the best Arizona could do was a jumper from Bret Breilmaier. Really Kevin O'Neil?

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Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 23rd, 2007

As always, the concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. Hope everyone loaded up on tryptophan yesterday.. its good for the health.. or something.

2. If you take Michael Beasley away from Kansas State, they look like Kansas Wesleyan.. or worse.

3. Everyone knew South Carolina would rely upon their transfer. But last night, the Gamecocks were basically a two man (see below) team with Downey and Frederick scoring over 60% of their points.

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Thanksgiving Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 22nd, 2007

As always, the concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. We all know this is the year of the freshman, but it goes deeper than just the Kyle Singlers (25 points last night), Kosta Koufos's (24), and Patrick Pattersons (23) of the world.

2. Dayton freshman Chris Wright had 26 and 12 over Toledo last night, and Pepperdine's Tyrone Shelley had 24 in an OT win over LBSU.

3. Neither of those guys success should be that shocking though, both were consensus Top 100 recruits.

Daily Dribble: Replay in 15

November 21st, 2007

The concept is simple. A recap of yesterday's action in 15 quick bullet-points. We begin:

1. Patty Mills is not a woman.

2. He's a freshman who scored 37 points in SMC's upset over Oregon.

3. He's also an Australian, just like Vandy's Andrew Ogilvy who is averaging 20 and 7 in just 25 mpg.

4. Gerald Henderson is twice as good as he was last year. I admit I didn't see it coming.

5. Michigan State is overly reliant on Drew Neitzel (even when he's not close to 100%). Nothing new there.

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Miami Bests Xavier in Rivalry Game

November 14th, 2007

OXFORD, Ohio – “Whoa…..Christmas time,” was what Miami coach Charlie Coles said when he saw his player Michael Bramos get fouled from three feet beyond the three point line.