2008 NCAA Tournament: Phoenix Regional

January 28th, 2008


West Regional

Thursday and Saturday, March 27 and 29, 2008

US Airways Center

San Antonio Final Four: Other Stuff To Do

January 28th, 2008
San Antonio Sites & Attractions

Stuff to do between the games!

More Final Four Info

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2008 NCAA Tournament: Charlotte Regional

January 27th, 2008

East Regional

Thursday and Saturday, March 27 and 29, 2008

Charlotte Bobcats Arena

NCAA Tournament Seeded Field

December 13th, 2007
In Yesterday's Daily Dribble, I selected the NCAA Tournament field for the first time this season. Remember this was not a projection of the Tournament at season's end, but how it would look as of right now. Using that same field (though the win by UMASS at BC last would may have put them in the field) here is the seeded field (teams listed in ranked order within seed):


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Daily Dribble: NCAA Tournament Field.. As of Today

December 12th, 2007

I usually leave Bracketology to others on CHN.. but I had some time on my hands today, and figured now was as good a time as ever to put together an NCAA Tournament Field. Note: This is NOT a projection of what the Tournament will look like in March, but what I feel would be a realistic representation of the field if it was selected today.

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Staff Final Four Projections

November 29th, 2007
CHN staffers predict the NCAA Tournament and the NCAA Champion. 


Overall Favorites:

Elite Eight: Memphis (9 votes), UNC (9 votes), UCLA (8 votes), Kansas (7 votes), Michigan St (6 votes), Georgetown (6 votes), Louisville (5 votes), Tennessee (5 votes)

Florida Gators: More Than Just Champions

April 6th, 2007

It was bigger than any Joakim Noah chest thumping, Al Horford arm flex, or rumor about where Billy Donovan might cash his next paycheck. It was bigger than a rematch of a December battle in Gainesville, or the revenge factor from the BCS Championship in January.

The Florida Gators did more than claim a second straight basketball title on Monday night. They made history, and firmly placed their stamp on two of the greatest seasons in college basketball history.

2007 All-Final Four Team

April 4th, 2007

Best Performance: Corey Brewer, Florida

Pick your tired, beaten-to-death cliché: Defense wins championships. There’s no “I” in team. The only stat that matters is the score. He rises to the occasion. All apply to Corey Brewer, who deservingly took home the Most Outstanding Player award and a piece of college basketball history Monday night.

NCAA: Championship Game: Quick Recap

April 2nd, 2007

Florida 84, Ohio State 75
My three keys going into the game:

1. Can Greg Oden avoid foul trouble?

What happened? Oden pretty much single-handedly kept the Buckeyes in the game when it seemed like each second half three hit by the Gators would break this game wide open. Oden went for 25 and 12 on this night, playing thirty-eight of the forty minutes. Foul trouble was more of an issue for classmate Mike Conley Jr., who sat out a large portion of the first half due to two fouls.

2. Will Taurean Green play better than he did on Saturday night?

Final Four GameLog: Vitriol, Chest Pounding, and Ferris Bueller

April 1st, 2007

The best thing about the NCAA Tournament is no matter what happens, the Final Four always has an air of excitement. There are always BCS Championships, World Series and NBA Finals that no one seems to care about (i.e. last season’s World Series, the 2002 and 2003 NBA Finals, every college football game ever played besides 2005’s USC-Texas). But the Super Bowl and Final Four always draw attention (whether it be for gambling purposes or not) and this year is no different. We have last year’s champ and runner-up, the No.