NCAA Tournament: Historical Success by Seed

March 4th, 2012
This chart shows how each seed has fared over the six rounds of each tournament since 1985 (the start of the 64/68 team tournament). For Example the #1 Seeds have won 100 of 100 games in the first round, but 4 times a #2 seed has lost. The #1 Seeds have made it to the finals 24 times and have won 15 of them. The #4 seeds have made it to the finals only twice however.


Bracketology: A History of Power Conference Bias

March 4th, 2012
Casper Ware led Long Beach State with a career-high 28 Inevitably, when the committee announces the bracket on selection sunday, a "mid-major" will be highest ranked RPI team to be left out of the field.

Over the last 6 years, the highest RPI team not to make the field has consistently come from a non-BCS conference. In fact, over the last three years, the committee became even more biased. At least the 5 best RPI teams not to make the field were "mid-majors".

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March 4th, 2012

Bracketology: Saturday Afternoon Bubble Update

March 3rd, 2012
Cincinnati guard Sean KilpatrickAt this point in the season, a few hours can make or destroy a team's season. Besides conference titles on the line, at-large bids, NIT invites, and seeding remain up in the air. Since yesterday's Bracketology projection, here are the results that matter and how the impact postseason hopes:

Saturday Afternoon

Bracketology: South Florida In, UCONN Out, Tennessee Close

March 2nd, 2012
2012 Final FourSince we're down to the stretch run, Bracketology projections will be coming fast and furious instead of once a week. The big news is that South Florida enters the field for the first time. The Bulls beat Louisville and replace UCONN who lost to Providence earlier in the week.


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March 2nd, 2012

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February 29th, 2012