Los Angeles Laker: NBA Draft Team Needs

May 27th, 2007
Lakers: NBA Draft

NBA Draft Los Angeles Lakers


2006-07 Record: 42-40


2007 Picks: 19th, 40th, 48th

Boston Celtics: NBA Draft Team Needs

May 27th, 2007
Boston Celtics: NBA Draft

NBA Draft: Boston Celtics


Record: 24-58, 5th in Atlantic


Atlanta Hawks: NBA Draft Team Needs

May 27th, 2007
Atlanta Hawks: NBA DraftNBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks


2006-07 Record: 30-52


Dallas Mavericks: NBA Draft Team Needs

May 25th, 2007
Dallas Mavs: NBA Draft 

Record: 67-15, 1st Southwest


Draft Picks: 50 (From Miami via LA Lakers), 60

Unsubstantiated Speculation: Today's NBA Draft Rumors

May 25th, 2007
Boston Celtics: NBA DraftThere seems to be an unusually high amount of fallout from the NBA Draft Lottery the other night. I’m assuming part of it is because of Durant/Oden and another part of it is Spurs/Jazz/Cavs/Pistons (although last night’s horrible officiating should help detract the talking heads from the lottery for a second). The majority of the reactions fell into two categories. The first: Hooray, we beat the lottery, our franchise is saved! The other: The lottery screwed us, the lottery sucks, our franchise is doomed for the next 30 years. There was really nothing in between.

Unsubstantiated Speculation: Today's NBA Draft Rumors

May 22nd, 2007
Atlanta Hawks: NBA DraftWith all the excitement of a lead-in to Jeopardy! the NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight. It is always a glorious event. Where else can we watch the usually cocksure (and by “cocksure” I mean oblivious) NBA executives sweat through their suits and smile nervously while clutching some sort of lucky charm — like a lion’s tooth or gypsy tears or something — knowing that some stupid Ping Pong balls could savage their respective careers. Only in the NBA could this become not only a relevant event,