Top 10 NBA Prospects: 1/19/2007

January 19th, 2007
NBA DraftTOP TEN NBA PROSPECTS: 1/19/2007 (previous rankings are in parentheses)

1. (1.) GREG ODEN (Ohio State, C, 7-0, Fr.)

Why He’s Adam’s #1 Prospect:
He’s too good to be true. Oden isn’t just huge, he’s agile and explosive. And with his ever-developing left-hand, he’s surprisingly skilled on the low blocks. Forget college, right now there are only a handful of centers in the NBA who could hang with him.

What He’s Done Recently:
Oden shot 17-of-19 from the field in his first three games back from injury and looked dominant throughout. However, he looked lost against Florida’s frontline and has lacked a demand for the ball in the low post. His inconsistency is common for a freshman – even one as potentially dominant as Oden – as seen by his back-to-back games against Tennessee (24 points, 15 rebounds) and Northwestern (5 points, 6 rebounds).

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