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by Patrick Wandalowski

March 10th, 2003

Player of the Year. David West of Xavier is my A-10 Player of the Year.  He won multiple games by hitting clutch shots at the end of the game.  He is a double-double virtually guaranteed every night.  I love the fact that he is an excellent free throw shooter (above 80%).  Jameer Nelson of Saint Joseph’s is the runner-up.  He has answered every challenge this year.  His stock nationally is on the upswing.  His play should merit 3rd team All-American status or Honorable Mention at worst.  Nelson (along with Xavier’s Romain Sato) will be the favorite for the 2003-04 A-10 Player of the Year.  The only other player to factor into the POY race was Nelson’s teammate Delonte West.  West extended his offensive game by adding the three-pointer to his repertoire.  He is an explosive scorer and an above average passer.  His health down the stretch took him out of the running and eventually off the 1st team.       


First Team

David West
Jameer Nelson
Brooks Hall
Marques Green
Romain Sato
Keith Waleskowski

Third Team

Delonte West
Chris Monroe
Anthony Myles
David Hawkins
Tony Dobbins

Third Team

Alex Wesby
Jackie Rogers
Brian Woodward
Sean Finn
Mike Gansey


Honorable Mention: Jeff Myers, Michael Haynes, Dedrick Finn, Gary Neal, Pat Carroll, Mark Jones, Ramod Marshall, Lionel Chalmers, Kevin Forney.


Dedrick Finn and Lionel Chalmers can both be argued for a place on one of the teams.  Since Finn had a slow start and Chalmers missed time due to injury, both were left off the team.  If both healthy and productive for the full year, they would have surely made the team.  Winning is a key to making the team.  So, although Chris Monroe of GW may be a little better than Brooks Hall individually, I chose Hall because his rebounding ethic and scoring inside the arc this year made Dayton a better team.  Monroe did not take GW anywhere.  I almost placed Pat Carroll on the third team, but his inability to score off the dribble and his reluctance to shoot when closely guarded made the decision easier.  His defense needs a little work as well.  As for the winning part, that is why Michael Haynes of Fordham did not make the list.                                                              


Best Players by Academic Year. * Denotes best player in each category.   HM stands for Honorable Mention.


David West (XAV) *
Brooks Hall (DAY)
Chris Monroe (GW)
Alex Wesby (TEM)
Kevin Forney (DUQ)
Brian Woodward (URI)
Jackie Rogers (UMASS)
Jeff Myers (UR)

Jameer Nelson (STJ) *
Romain Sato (XAV)
Marques Green (STB)
Keith Waleskowski (DAY)
David Hawkins (TEM)
Anthony Myles (XAV)
Tony Dobbins (UR)
Sean Finn (DAY)
Michael Haynes (FOR)
Lionel Chalmers (XAV)
Brian Polk (TEM)
Ramod Marshall (DAY)

Delonte West (STJ) *
Mike Gansey (STB)
Anthony Anderson (UMASS)
TJ Thompson (GW)
Gabe Lee (UMASS)
Glenn Batemon (FOR)
Tamal Forchion (GW)
Mark Jones (DAY)
Pat Carroll (STJ)
Dawan Robinson (URI)

Steven Smith (LAS) *
Gary Neal (LAS)
Dedrick Finn (XAV)
Pops Mensah-Bonsu (GW)
Mike Lasme (UMASS)
Keith Butler (TEM)
Dwayne Jones (STJ)
Mo Collins (TEM)
John Blackgrove (FOR)
Bryant McCallister (DUQ)
Mike Hall (GW)
Jermaine Thomas (LAS)

Coach of the Year

Phil Martelli (STJ): picked to finish 4th in A-10 East. Captures the award for the third time because he changed his coaching philosophy from offense to defense.  Has restored discipline.


Jim Baron (URI): if URI didn’t fade down the stretch, he would have won.  Does more with less than any other coach in the league. Doesn’t have a star on his team.


Thad Matta (XAV): was fortunate to have David West return.  Has his club playing great defense.  Overcame the injury to Chalmers and the defection of David Young. 


Oliver Purnell (DAY): interesting move to swap positions between Ramod Marshall and Mark Jones.  Change allowed Jones to become a better player.  Makes his teams play smart and hard.  

Defensive Team

Tyrone Barley* (STJ)

Tony Dobbins   (UR)

Jameer Nelson  (STJ)

David West     (XAV)

Howard Smith  (URI)


Tyrone Barley is the catalyst for the Hawks’ defense.  He chooses who he wants to guard.  And then the other match-ups are decided.  His hounding defense results in many deflections, steals, blocks, and 5-second violations for opposing players.  He is mainly responsible for the Hawks great defensive numbers (58 ppg allowed and 36% opp FG).

Most Improved                             HM: Jeff Myers    (UR)

Delonte West *  (STJ)                             Brooks Hall  (DAY)

Mike Gansey     (STB)                            Mark Jones   (DAY)

Jackie Rogers    (UMASS)

Michael Haynes (FOR)

Glenn Batemon  (FOR)

Sean Finn           (DAY)


West wins this award hands down.  Can create his shot at any moment.  Plays with great body control.  If his leg heals completely, he will be a force on Hawk Hill for years to come.  Mike Gansey should be starting.  He is becoming a solid player.  Glenn Batemon has some potential.      

Best Team: Xavier—All 5 positions can score in double figures.  Strongest front line. 

Worst Team: Fordham—Bob Hill needs to go.  Does less with more than any other coach.


Good Surprise: Saint Joseph’s—Carroll, Barley, and Jones were unknowns entering the season.  By the time they leave Hawk Hill, all 3 will be remembered.

Bad Surprise: GW—Have most athletic team in A-10.  Should have challenged to be the 4th best team in the A-10, not the 10th best.

Best PG: Jameer Nelson (STJ)  Marques Green (STB) is runner-up.

Best SG: Romain Sato (XAV)  Chris Monroe (GW) and Delonte West (STJ) tie for 2nd.

Best SF: Brooks Hall (DAY)  Michael Haynes (FOR) is next best in weak category.

Best PF: Keith Waleskowski (DAY)Anthony Myles (XAV) and Jackie Rogers (UMASS)

Best C: David West (XAV)  Sean Finn (DAY)

Best Three-Point Shooters                         Best Shot-Blockers

Pat Carroll (STJ)                                          Dwayne Jones (STJ)

Romain Sato (XAV)                                     Keith Butler (TEM)

Brooks Hall (DAY)                                      Gabe Lee (UMASS)

Jimmy Tricco (DUQ)                                   Sean Finn (DAY)

Brian Polk (TEM)                                         David West (XAV)

Mike Gansey (STB)                                      Jonathan Collins (UR)


I wasn’t sure of every player’s athletic eligibility.  If I made a mistake and listed someone as a sophomore instead of a junior, let me know. 


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