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By ACC BasketBlog

May 15th, 2005




Duke Basketball: Randolph Enters Draft?


This Blog of the Day post is courtesy of the ACC BasketBlog, daily coverage of college basketball's best conference.


Funniest story of the year: Shav will enter the NBA draft!!!!!! Coach K says that he supports him 100%. I mean, really, when a coach finds out that he has an irrational player and has another guy coming in this season named McRoberts, I think you do exactly what K did and say "son.......go for it......we support you 100%." His father thinks that he will be back at Duke in '05. YOU THINK!!! As an NBA GM, why would you waist your time giving this kid more than passing feedback if you know he is only doing this to evaluate areas of needed improvement. Let us do it for you right now Shav so you won't waste the time of these GMs:

1. Lateral quickness needs much improvement;
2. You have no bounce;
3. The midrange game needs to be developed and visible more consistently;
4. Footwork, footwork, footwork;
5. Strength and the ability to finish around the rim are lacking.
6. Stop fouling.

There....that should just about do it.

Just in case you were wondering, this is how the ACC's big men who have entered the draft stack up against each other.

Frank Dascenzo of the Durham Herald Sun says it best (if not a bit cold): Duke wouldn't be losing much. Guess who this story is about. All I can say



This Blog of the Day post is courtesy of the ACC BasketBlog, daily coverage of college basketball's best conference.


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