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March Madness-Friday's Recap and Saturday's Preview

March 21st, 2008

The late Friday games proved to be interesting for a couple of lower seeded teams. Arkansas beat an Indiana team still shell-shocked by events of this year. Indiana will now have to look long and hard at what direction they will take the program. There really hasn't been that much stability in the program since Bobby Knight left (one Final Four appearance notwithstanding). For Villanova, they came from WAY back to beat Clemson, and a second Sweet Sixteen is gone for me. Lousiville and Memphis had little trouble in their games.

First Round Recap:

So what did we learn?

Gotta Like the Drake??

March 21st, 2008

Well... I picked Western Kentucky and this game was probably one of the two best so far. Props to Western Kentucky for hanging in there after blowing a huge lead to the Drake.

Other Friday musings:

-Bad call on the St. Mary's pick. It looked good for them in the first half, but they blew chunks and surprisingly, Miami gets a big win.

-American was admirable, but couldn't hang with Tennessee. Props to Jeff Jones for getting American to this point.

Thursday Recap-March Madness and What To Look For On Friday

March 20th, 2008

Normally, I would be able to give a comprehensive review of what happened in the first day of March Madness. But being in DC, I only saw three and then raced home to see the last session of the day. George Mason's game was a terrible disapointment, but did anyone realistically think they had a chance?

Mr. Jared Goes To Washington

March 20th, 2008

What a day! We just returned from Washington, DC after attending the first day of the Western Regional. I'll tell you...the excitment in the Duke-Belmont game was something else!

It's Finally Here! Let The Madness Begin!

March 20th, 2008

Due to some technical issues, I wasn't able to post my bracket. I'll try to fix it and update it on Friday. After the day we had, I think the following is still relevant.

Today is a day many sports junkies look forward to. 12 hours or so of mostly non stop unadulterated NCAA Tourney action! Actually, it's about four days, but who's counting?

Are You NIT Or CBI??

March 18th, 2008

Are You NIT OR CBI??
.....or if neither, SOL?? Anyway, for years I have called the NIT the "Not Invited Tournament", of course meaning Not Invited (to the NCAA) Tournament. Now the braintrust of all things college basketball has created something called the College Basketball Invitational, or as I am now going to call: "Cannot Be Invited Tournament" If you're not invited to the NCAA or the NIT, is it really worth being invited to anything else? Apparently so; therefore, you cannot be invited to either.

Monday's Post NCAA Selection Depression

March 17th, 2008

For most college basketball junkies, Selection Sunday is about as close to the peak as you can get. Just about everything leads to this day. We're past this day; NOW WHAT?? I think I'm complained out with the teams I agree/disagree with. Bracketology now seems like a distant past. I think the only thing we can look forward to are (if they happen) the upsets.

Selection Sunday-The Aftermath

March 17th, 2008

I'm off to a late start on the Madness (had company for the Selection Show and lots of Wii playing), so it's time to weigh in on the aftermath.

I think overall, the Committee did a decent job. I'm sure with the Bubble and the weather issues in Atlanta, this year's chore was more difficult than normal. We always seem to have hot debates and this year is no different. Make sure you vote on the polls this week and in spirit of election year, make your voice heard!!