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College Basketball Coaching Changes 2010

March 31st, 2010
Boston College

We'll track coaching changes as they occur. If there's any missing on here, or if you have contract info to add (including salaries), please mention it in the comments section.

Latest 8/20: UIC tabs Wisconsin assistant to replace Collins

BCS Conferences

Was: Jeff Lebo
Is: Tony Barbee (UTEP)

Boston College
Was: Al Skinner
Is: Steve Donahue (Cornell)

Was: Oliver Purnell
Is: Brad Brownell (Wright State)

Non-BCS Top 25: Butler Back to #1

March 22nd, 2010
ButlerThe Non-BCS Top 25 is a weekly follow-up to the popular CHN Top 50 ranking. Using the power-conference teams ranked in the CHN Top 50 as a base, an in-depth look at the world of "mid-major" basketball is pieced together. The Non-BCS Top 25 will be released early Monday morning following the Top 50..


Weekly Top 50: NCAA Surprises Not as Big as You Think

March 22nd, 2010
Top 50The Top 50 Power Ranking is your weekly window into the national college basketball scene.  Is the Top 50 Better than the AP or the Coaches Polls? At the very least, the Top 50 has no agenda like the coaches and we go deeper into the country than most power-conference biased media members. The CHN Top 50 is brought to you before everybody else late Sunday night! (New: Check out the weekly Non-BCS Top 25 Ranking.)

NCAA Tournament: Best & Worst of Each Seed

March 17th, 2010
Final Four 2010

When ever two college basketball teams meet for one game, luck always plays a big part. The best team doesn't necessarily always win. Good players have off days and bad players get hot. Thus picking a perfect bracket, even if you legitimately know which teams are better, is impossible. But you can increase your chances of bracket success by avoiding some obvious pitfalls and nailing the underrated squads.

NCAA Bracket Contests: Top 16 to Enter

March 16th, 2010
A little low on cash because of the struggling economy? Need a little economic stimulus? The NCAA Tournament is a good way to earn some back.. you could win up to $100,000,00 getting a perfect bracket (then again, the odds are a bazillion to one so you're better off playing PowerBall), thousands of dollars beating the masses in other games, or setting up your own pool and taking a cut of the action. Now matter how you do it, you need to play to win.


NCAA Tournament on CBS: Announcer Ratings

March 15th, 2010
Hoops on TVWhen you watch as much of the NCAA Tournament as us die-hards do.. you inevitably form close bonds with the announcers on CBS. Some are strong congenial caring bonds.. others I could do without.  Here is the CBS college basketball roster, including links to profiles on, their role during the broadcast, and my rating of their recent work.  (Check out my announcer rating from last year)


CHN's Bracketology Nails More Teams Then Anyone Else!

March 14th, 2010
As CHN readers know, I project the NCAA Bracket weekly. Here's how my final Sunday afternoon bracket did compared to reality. Out of 80+ bracketologists tracked by the Bracket Project, I nailed the most teams to their exact seed.. 36 out of the 65 teams! This is a whopping 9 more then Joe Lunardi and 5 more then Jerry Palm of CBS. According to Bracket Project, I was 4th out of the 80+ bracketologists, but I dominated all the name competition: CBS, ESPN, Rivals, SI, Yahoo were all left in the dust.

Bracketology: Final NCAA Projection

March 14th, 2010
Final Four 2010This is the final Bracketology projection of the season.. its been a pleasure putting these articles together all season. Hope you enjoyed following them. The field below is not based on who I think deserves to be in, but a prediction of what the committee will do. Check below for commentary on the final changes.


Bracketology: 2nd To Last Update

March 14th, 2010
Final Four 2010This is the 2nd to last Bracketology projection of the season.. its been a pleasure putting these together all season. The field below is not based on who I think deserves to be in, but a prediction of what the committee would do as things stand. The final Bracketology update will be on Sunday afternoon. Check below for commentary on today's changes.