Daily Dribble: Monday Recap

November 27th, 2007

Due to a shortened schedule last night without any top 25 teams in action.. the usual Replay in 15 will be reduced to a Replay in 10. Onwards to the nuggets of joy:

1. Stephen Curry apparently wasn't happy Davidson dropped out of the Top 25 and took his anger out against Appalachian State. The diminutive guard scored a career-best 38 points in the 71-60 win.

2. That matchup was the country's 2nd in-conference game, as the SoCon has moved to an extended 20-game schedule

3. A nugget from "Hater" on the message board: Ohio State freshman Jon Diebler (the #60 recruit nationally) is 4 for 35 on the season so far.

4. If you didn't know, 4 for 35 is bad.. Diebler apparently took shooting lessons from Jacque Vaughn over the summer.

5. Cincy is struggling right now.. in a bad way. The Bearcats 4-2 record looks okay, but they have losses to Belmont & Bowling Green, a close (too-close) 2-point win against Western Carolina, and they've barely put away Fairfield and USC Upstate.

6. Making things worse for Cincinnati, they only now go on the road, to face UAB, Illinois State, and Xavier (just across town).

7. I always enjoy tracking the winless teams.. and NJIT looks like they'll be in that category for awhile. Last night's 9 point loss at Lehigh was easily their best result of the season, the first time they've lost by less than 20.

8. Morehead State beat Alice Lloyd College last night.

9. The first rule of men's basketball is that you can't lose to a school named after a woman

10. Temple's Mark Tyndale had his worst game in well over a year last night, as the senior scored just 3 points in 20 minutes. However, it doesn't compare to February of 2006, where Tyndale had a Jon Diebler-esque 3-game stretch of 2-20 shooting and just 11 points in 110 minutes.