Daily Dribble: Seriously.. An Actual Article (Sort Of)

July 30th, 2007
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So its been awhile since I've composed a Daily Dribble.. and almost a month since I've even written anything related to college basketball. I spent the time studying for and finally taking the Bar Exam (a brutal test that no one should rightfully subject themselves to).. and in the meantime a lot has happened in the basketball world. The biggie was the NBA Draft just about four weeks ago and then the horrible news of Skip Prosser's untimely death at the end of last week.

I've been a bit out of the roundball loop the past couple weeks.. so I cant really pretend to offer anything insightful about the game.. yet. Give me a little while and I'll be back on track with my usual dynamic (mediocre?) posts..

Along with not putting up any articles, it was also a struggle the past few weeks getting the other writers' content up. Particularly the 144 Teams in 144 Days preview which is way behind the daily schedule. We're supposed to be up to team #104 by July 30th.. but only 112 went up today. To make up for that, expect 2 preview to go up every day for the next couple of weeks.

The only on-the-court commentary of the day is related to the Butler Bulldogs. Just responded to an email from a Butler fan who wasn't happy with my preseason ranking of Butler 27th. Valid complaint considering Butler went to the Sweet Sixteen last year and returns 4 of their 5 leading scorers, and even adds a player or two of note.

My thinking though has nothing to do with X's & O's or whose back or note.. but simply that the law of averages will work against the Bulldogs.

Virtually everythng went right for Butler last year. The biggest key was health, as not one player of any value missed more than a single game. The second factor was that with the exception of losing an overtime game to UIC, they won just about every close game they were involved in. Third is that in the key early-season wins, a few things happened to work out perfectly for them. Graves had the best game of his life against Notre Dame (8 threes).. and then when they play Tennessee Chris Lofton has the worst game of his season/life. Lofton fouled out in just 23 minutes of play, and odd fluke considering he never got over 3 fouls the rest of the season.

Now you might just mark those comments in the "well, you're just giving no respect to the little guy" category. Which may be so.. if Duke went 29-7 and returned 4 of their 5 leading scorers.. I wouldn't put the Blue Devils 27th. I cant argue that. But Duke usually has a player on their roster over 6-7.. and you can't argue that.