Daily Dribble: The Real Field of 64

February 12th, 2007

Sorry MEAC and SWAC.. you really don't deserve to have a team in college basketball's ultimate tournament. Here is what the real field of 65 would look like. You'll notice there's no 65th team in here.. the play-in game has no business in the Tournament.

I tried to use some of the basic seeding principles in putting this list together. No teams from the same conference will meet in round one. Sites are selected based on an S-curve, and geography is taken into account. Because this includes more teams from the same repetitive conferences, conference foes are allowed to meet as early as the 2nd round in this exercise.

1 Seeds
1. Florida v. Old Dominion (San Antonio) / Tennessee v. Notre Dame
2. UNC v. Appalachian State (East Rutherford) / West Virginia v. Stanford
3. UCLA v. Bradley (San Jose) / Texas v. Gonzaga
4. Ohio State v. Hofstra (Saint Louis) / Virginia v. Villanova

2 Seeds
5. Wisconsin v. Texas Tech (East Rutherford) / Duke v. Vanderbilt
6. Texas A&M v. LSU (San Jose) / UNLV v. Alabama
7. Pittsburgh v. Wichita State (Saint Louis) / Creighton v. FSU
8. Kansas v. Louisville (San Antonio) / Clemson v. Missouri State

3 Seeds
9. Memphis v. Providence (San Antonio) / Oklahoma State v. BYU
10. Washington State v. Davidson (San Jose) / Oregon v. Maryland
11. Marquette v. UMASS (Saint Louis) / Indiana v. VCU
12. Southern Illinois v. Syracuse (East Rutherford) / Virginia Tech v. Kansas State

4 Seeds
13. Georgetown v. Michigan State (East Rutherford) / Kentucky v. Purdue
14. Boston College v. Winthrop (Saint Louis) / Air Force v. Drexel
15. Butler v. Georgia Tech (San Antonio) / Arizona v. Xavier
16. Nevada v. Illinois (San Jose) / USC v. Georgia

5 Seeds
17. USC v. Georgia (San Jose)
18. Air Force v. Drexel (Saint Louis)
19. Arizona v. Xavier (San Antonio)
20. Kentucky v. Purdue (East Rutherford)

6 Seeds
21. Oregon v. Maryland (San Jose)
22. Indiana v. VCU (Saint Louis)
23. Oklahoma State v. BYU (San Antonio)
24. Virginia Tech v. Kansas State (East Rutherford)

7 Seeds
25. Duke v. Vanderbilt (East Rutherford)
26. Creighton v. FSU (Saint Louis)
27. Clemson v. Missouri State (San Antonio)
28. UNLV v. Alabama (San Jose)

8 Seeds
29. Texas v. Gonzaga (San Jose)
30. Virginia v. Villanova (Saint Louis)
31. Tennessee v. Notre Dame (San Antonio)
32. West Virginia v. Stanford (East Rutherford)

9 Seeds
33. Notre Dame
34. Stanford
35. Villanova
36. Gonzaga

10 Seeds
37. Alabama
38. Missouri State
39. Vanderbilt
40. Florida State

11 Seeds
41. Kansas State
42. BYU
43. VCU
44. Maryland

12 Seeds
45. Purdue
46. Xavier
47. Drexel
48. Georgia

13 Seeds
49. Illinois
50. Georgia Tech
51. Winthrop
52. Michigan State

14 Seeds
53. Syracuse
55. Davidson
56. Providence

15 Seeds
57. Wichita State
58. Louisville
59. LSU
60. Texas Tech

16 Seeds
61. Hofstra
62. Bradley
63. Appalachian State
64. Old Dominion

Last Four Out: Washington, Ole Miss, DePaul, Mississippi State

- Happy Dribbling