Daily Dribble: Wednesday Report Card

February 6th, 2008
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A - Chris Lofton

Up until mid-January, Lofton was in the midst of a season-long shooting slump. But beginning with the Kentucky loss on January 22nd, the senior has suddenly found his stroke. In fact, before the UK game, he shot under 50% for 11 games in a row. Since then, he's hit 50% for five straight games, including an awesome 52 3P% during the run. Even when Lofton was struggling, Tennessee kept on winning games, so this only makes a dangerous team that much better.


B - Buffalo

The Bulls finally won a MAC game last night, beating NIU on the road. At 7-14 overall, 1-8 in conference, the Bulls have endured a tough season full of close losses. Coming into last night, they had lost two overtime games in a row (against decent opponents), and had another OT defeat back in December. Last night junior Andy Robinson took over though, scoring 35 points while hitting 8 threes, ensuring that there was no chance they'd lose again.


C - Florida

After a good first half, the Gators got blown out of the gym in Knoxville last night. That now makes it 4 of 5 losses away from home by at least 13 points. Not good numbers for a team that was still ranked in the Top 25 this week. They'll surely drop out regardless of what they do against Georgia over the weekend though. The Gators will pad their record with enough home wins the rest of the way, so they'll still make the Dance.. but remaining games at Vandy and UK will go a long way towards proving their true mettle.


D - Jon Diebler

Just like B is Buffalo.. D is for Diebler. The OSU freshman actually had a rare good game last night against Michigan, scoring 4 important points when the game was close in the 2nd half, and finishing with 14. Still, he's below college basketball's version of the Mendoza line with a .294 shooting percentage. His race for .300 could go down to the season's last day.


F - Dick Vitale

Call me heartless.. but there's a part of me disappointed that Vitale has recovered from throat surgery so quickly. Not that I wan't him to never get better.. just maybe he'd be uncomfortable enough to go on with life, but skip out announcing games for a couple more months.. At least there's always the mute button.


The Daily Report Card tells you all you need to know about the day in college hoops. From good to bad and bad to worse, I'll be laying down the law.



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