Top 10 Players in the WAC

November 18th, 2007
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It seems like its taken forever, but I finally conclude my series of conference player rankings. Like the other lists, this one was finalized shortly before the season started.. so there's a few unlisted guys that have gotten off to great stats. Nevada's Brandon Fields is averaging 12 and 4 assists after 3 games. San Jose State center CJ Webster has been strong in the paint, averaging 13 and 10 boards for the 2-1 Spartans. Meanwhile, heralded WAC freshmen DJ Wright & Herb Pope haven't played so far for various reasons.

1. Jaycee Carroll, G, Utah State
2. Marcelus Kemp, G, Nevada
3. Justin Hawkins, G, New Mexico State
4. Reggie Larry, F, Boise State
5. Kevin Bell, G, Fresno State
6. Fred Peete, G, New Mexico State
7. Matt Nelson, C, Boise State
8. DJ Wright, G, Louisiana Tech
9. Gary Wilkinson, F, Utah State
10. Hatila Passos, C, New Mexico State

Next In Line
Matt Gibson, G, Hawaii
Jamon Hill, G, San Jose State
JaVale McGee, F, Nevada
Bobby Nash, G, Hawaii
Rekalin Sims, C, Fresno State

* NMSU freshman Herb Pope was originally on the "Next in Line" list, but has been removed until he becomes officially eligible to play.