Tuesday Report Card: Josh Duncan's Perfect Week

February 19th, 2008


The Report Card


A - Josh Duncan

Xavier's senior forward is on a ridiculous shooting tear in recent games. He's 26 of 32 (82%) overall in his last 4 games, including 11 of 14 from three (79%). In his last two games, Duncan has 48 points in just 49 minutes.. a ratio that only Michael Beasley can match. While the last week has been unprecedented.. he's been solid all season. Duncan averages 11.7 ppg in just 21.5 minutes.. an extremely rare player that leads his team in scoring off the bench. Let's call him the Manu Ginobili of college hoops.



If you saw their three game winning streak coming, then you have some amazing predictive powers. After dropping to a dismal 5-17 record, the Wolverines have responded with wins over Penn State, Iowa, and Ohio State. Amazingly, Ohio State was the first team in the Top 125 that Michigan's beaten all year. Guess who their previous best win was against? Brown.. back on November 11th. As good as the win was for Coach Beilein and his young squad.. what does it say about OSU? If not for good name recognition and name recognition of the two other mediocre teams they've beaten (Florida & Syracuse), then the Buckeyes would be on the outside of the field looking in.


C - DeAndre Jordan

Just about everyone thinks Jordan is a future NBA player, and he's still projected in the Top 10-15 of almost all 2008 Mock Drafts.. yet you wouldn't know it from his actual production. Since Big 12 play has started, he's only scored 10+ points three times, hasn't had a 10 rebound game, and hasn't had more than 2 blocks. In fact, he's only had a 10 rebound game once since November 21st, and just one double-double all year against a D1 team. Even worse, in the last 9 games he's shooting just 25 of 57 from the field (44%).. not bad numbers from a two-guard, but weak for a guy who has no game outside of dunks and layups.


D - Donte Greene

Someone (Boeheim) needs to tell Greene to stop shooting so many damn threes. At one point in their loss to Louisville, the announcers said Greene's in a little funk.. but that's not true. He's just never been a good three-point shooter.. and it was his early season success that was more surprising then his recent downturn. 6 for 37 (16%) in his last 4 games won't cut it. Maybe in 2-3 years, he'll figure it out.. but for now it's just painful to watch him bomb away. I have no rooting interest in Syracuse.. but for his sake, I get the sense scouts cringe every time he shoots & misses.


F - Tim Welsh

After losing to G'Town last night, the Friars are now 4-10 in Big East play.. good for 14th. Its safe to say Welsh won't be Providence's head coach going into next year. In the last 3 years, they've finished 9th, 13th & 10th in the Big East. Missing the Big East tournament would be an unfortunate and embarrassing end for Welsh, who at times looked like he was going to have a bright future at PC.


The Daily Report Card tells you all you need to know about the day in college hoops. From good to bad and bad to worse, I'll be laying down the law.


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