Bracket Tactics: Today's Tip of the Day

March 13th, 2008

Leading up to the 2008 NCAA Tournament, we'll be presenting daily tips to help you fill in your bracket. 


Today's Bracket Tactic


FACT: Since 1979, the only national champion without a McDonald's All-American on the roster was Maryland in 2002.

BRACKET TIP: Do not pick Michigan State, Pitt, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, or Washington State to win it all this year.



Today's tip from the editor: Even though 9 seeds have historically done better than 8 seeds (winning 55% to 45%), this split is statistically insignificant so simply focus on the better team. However, be sure to know whether there's a bonus point for picking a 9 over 8 upset. If this is the case, it might be smart simply to pick all 9 seeds!


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