Bracketology: A Brief History of Mid-Major Bias

March 13th, 2011


A Brief History of Mid-Major Bias

Inevitably, when the selection committee announces their decision tonight, the most deserving team left out of the field will come from one of the so-called "Mid-Major" conferences.

Just going through a small sample over the last 5 years, you'll see that the highest RPI team not to make the field has consistently come from a mid-major. In fact, over the last two years, the committee has become even more biased, and the top 5 to 8 RPI teams not to make the field have been mid-majors.

So what does that mean for this year? Once again, expect multiple mid-majors with sparkling records and sparkling RPI's to get left out. UAB has had a top 50 RPI for 3 straight years, but will most likely get left out again despite being ranked 31st. Harvard, Cleveland St, and Missouri St, all in the top 45 this year.. will most likely get shafted.

Interestingly, the top BCS team not to make it has come from the SEC the last 3 years.. is there an anti-SEC bias at work? If so, Georgia, with the #45 RPI might be headed to the NIT tonight.

Top RPI teams not to make the field, including the highest ranked BCS team not to make it:

#40 Rhode Island
#45 UAB
#47 Kent State
#53 Memphis
#54 Dayton
#55 Mississippi St (SEC)

#34 San Diego St
#40 Creighton
#46 UAB
#47 Illinois St
#48 St. Mary's
#49 Niagara
#51 George Mason
#53 Tulsa
#54 Florida (SEC)


#37 Illinois St
#39 Ole Miss (SEC)

#29 Air Force
#36 Missouri St
#39 Bradley
#41 Florida St (ACC)


#22 Hofstra
#24 Missouri St
#39 St. Joseph's
#40 Cincinnati (Big East)