Bracketology Update: Duke Loses, Memphis Rolls, OSU Looking at #1

March 10th, 2012

Here's a look at every game played up until 6 pm on Saturday and how it affects NCAA Tournament Bracketology.




North Carolina 69 - NC State 67


What does it mean? UNC should have a #1 seed locked up regardless of whether they beat FSU for the ACC title. NC State is firmly on the bubble, but the fact they were so competitive against UNC could actually be a help. NC St still looks like they should make it as a 12 or 13 seed.


Vanderbilt 65 - Ole Miss 63


What does it mean? Vanderbilt is looking at a 6 seed, and this win probably doesn't change anything. Having won 5 straight, Ole Miss may have been one win short of earning an at-large bid. After this loss, they're probably on the outside looking in.


Xavier 71 - Saint Louis 66


What does it mean? Xavier advances to the A10 final where they'll face Saint Bonaventure. Xavier should be locked into the tournament for now, looking at an 11 seed. This loss doesn't change much for Saint Louis. I had them as an 8 seed going into the day, but the committee could be thinking a 9 or 10 seed.



#1 Seed Battles


Florida St 62 - Duke 59


What does it mean? Duke had been vying for a #1 seed, but that is no longer a possibility. Florida St is probably looking at a 5 seed, but if they went on to beat North Carolina tomorrow, I could see them becoming a 4.


Ohio St 77 - Michigan 55


What does it mean? Ohio St rocked Michigan to advance to the Big Ten final. The Buckeyes could potentially earn a #1 seed if they beat Michigan St for the title. Michigan will be probably hang on to a 3 seed, but could be vulnerable to a 14 like Davidson or the MAC champion.


Kentucky 74 - Florida 71


What does it mean? Kentucky has struggled to dominate teams in the SEC Tournament, but keeps on winning. They're probably locked into the #1 overall seed regardless of what happens in the championship game. Florida is a probable 5 seed, but they could drop to a 6 if Vandy beat Kentucky tomorrow or San Diego St won the MWC tonight.



Title Game


Memphis 83 - Marshall 57


What does it mean? Considering Memphis beat Marshall by 20 on the road, its not a big surprise they blew them out at home either. Memphis rolled through the CUSA Tournament and should be looking at a 7 seed, with 6 as a surprise on the high end and 8 as a surprise on the low end. Marshall will be hoping for an NIT invite.



Potential Spoilers


St Bonaventure 84 - UMASS 80


What does it mean? The Bonnies advance to the A10 finals to face Xavier with automatic-bid on the line. The two met in Cincy back in January, where Xavier won by 13. If St. Bonaventure won, they'd probably be slotted in the 12-13 range and take a spot away from a bubble team.



One-Bid Leagues


Vermont 51 - Stony Brook 43


What does it mean? Vermont's won 14 of 15 games and earned the America East title by winning on the road. Vermont will most likely be looking at a First Four game against Norfolk St or tonight's MEAC winner. They could also conceivably jump past Lamar and earn a spot as a 16 seed in the Tournament proper.


Lamar 70 - McNeese St 49


What does it mean? Lamar earns the Southland's automatic bid and is looking at a 16 seed. At worst, they'll be in a First Four game, and at best they'll jump right into the tournament proper. They'll probably be competing with Vermont of the America East for that distinction.


Norfolk St 73 - Bethune-Cookman 70


What does it mean? Norfolk had a solid season as far as MEAC squads go, but should still be looking at a First Four game against Western Kentucky.