College Basketball: Overrated Players

November 5th, 2008





CHN writers were asked a simple question: Who is the most overrated player in the country? Here’s what our guys had to say.. let us know who you would choose below:



Hasheem Thabeet (UCONN): Thabeet is a great shot-blocker because of his size, but beyond that, he doesn't do anything great. He wasn't even the leading rebounder on his team, and he's very limited offensively beyond dunks.

Jason Brubaker



Dominic James (Marquette): James isn't as overrated as he was a few years back, yet he is still considered a top player by many despite his numbers dropping each year.  Plus, he can't even shoot over 40% from the field.

Jeff Fox



James Anderson (Oklahoma State): This is a reach that I'll most likely regret as the season goes on. But for as good as he was last season as times, I think Big 12 defenses will have an even better idea of how to defend him.

Raphielle Johnson 



Hasheem Thabeet (UCONN): You can't teach 7-3.  But you can teach him not to get pushed around so much.

Kevin McNeill



Ty Lawson (UNC): Don't get me wrong, Lawson is solid.. and one of the Top 5-10 point guards in the country. But this is how it's going to go down: UNC will win the title, Lawson will go between 10-15 in the Draft, and then be an NBA bust like every Tar Heel (Felton, Forte, May, Wright, etc) selected since the 1998 Draft.

Shawn Siegel




Chase Budinger (Arizona): Still goes in and out of games way too much for my liking. Not sure how a chaotic situation at Arizona is going to change that.

Jason Tomassini



Blake Griffin (Oklahoma): There is no doubt that Griffin is a really, really good player, but the expectations are a little too high.

Joel Welser



Greg Paulus (Duke): How many times can you call a player hard working and gutsy before it gets old? The former McDonald's All-American has an offense limited to shooting from the perimeter, isn't a great playmaker, and now isn't even a starter.

Joey Whelan





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Agree? Disagree? Who do you think are the country's overrated stars?