College Basketball: Top 10 Jerseys

February 26th, 2009

With conference play in the thick of things, it’s time to break up the tension with a different topic, jerseys.  Here’s the 10 best college basketball jerseys as I see them.  No doubt you have a favorite of your own, so let the debates begin!




10. Oregon – Nike founder and Oregon alum Phil Knight pours tons of money into the school, so it’s only fitting that he has slick high-tech jerseys made for his alma mater.


9. Indiana – The Hoosiers have one of the best classic-looking jerseys out there, and that’s about all they have going for them right now.  On a side note, their warm-ups with the candy-stripe pants aren’t too shabby, but a lot of people disagree about that.


8. Michigan State home jersey – There’s only one school who can put the word “State” alone on a uniform and get away with it, and it’s none other than Michigan State.




7. Oklahoma State black jerseys – Like Duke, these black jerseys are pretty slick too.


6. Kansas red jerseys – Arizona’s red jerseys would be in this spot if it didn’t hurt to look at them.


5. Florida– Florida dominates in just about every sport these days, so it’s only fitting they put the time and effort into cool-looking jerseys.


4. MU home gold jerseys – I’ve always been a fan of teams that wear non-white colors at home.  At first I disliked the stripes on the sides, but they’ve grown on me over time.



3. Duke black jerseys – Of the teams that sport the black jerseys, these look the coolest in my mind.


2. Kentucky– Kentucky blue is one of the more well-known colors in college basketball.  You’ll see a lot of this color in the seats during the SEC tournament.


1. UNC– Go to any pickup basketball game and you’re almost guaranteed to see someone with powder blue attire.


Agree? Disagree? Post some of your favorite jerseys in the comments section below!