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College Football: Florida 7, Oklahoma 7

January 8th, 2009

It's halftime and the offensive explosion that many of us anticiapted hasn't come to pass yet. Florida and Oklahoma head into the locker room tied at seven, with both defenses making critical stops to steal some of the offensive momentum. The two quarterbacks have combined for three interceptions so far, but the offenses have been unable to take advantage of the good fortune. A few points that I saw in the first thirty minutes:

1. Percy Harvin's ankle looks fine. And with Chris Rainey going down it had better hold up for another thirty. 

College Football: BCS National Championship Preview

January 8th, 2009

The biggest game on the college football landscape is finally here, with the media days (should there really be a Super Bowl-like media day for a college football game? But we're all supposed to eagerly go along with the NCAA's assertion that these are student-athletes. When the schools and governing body treat them as such I'll truly believe that.) finally done and all the talking stopped. It's time for Florida and Oklahoma to settle this on the field once and for all.