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2007-08 ACC Stats Preview

September 16th, 2007

This is the first of what will be six mini statistical previews of the major conferences. Each one includes projected starting lineups, projected stats for each player, and a short comment.

Boston College

G Tyrese Rice - 19, 3, 5
G Biko Paris - 6, 2, 4
F Rakim Sanders - 7, 4, 2
F Shamari Spears - 9, 5, 1
C John Oates - 8, 5, 1
6 Tyrelle Blair - 4, 6, 0

This lineup is by no means certain. If Paris doesn't perform, Rice could simply handle point guard duties. Blair also could get the minutes over Oates due to his defensive presence.


Lottery Leagues: Ranking Conferences by the Draft

July 17th, 2007

With the hoopla of the NBA Draft finally done, and the newest millionaires taking their lumps in the summer leagues, I figured it would be fun to see which schools, and conferences, have had the most success with producing lottery picks in the last 10 years.

For organizational purposes, I used the six BCS conferences, and then grouped the other college players into a category for "mid-majors", although that term no longer seems to apply to the Gonzagas and Utahs of the world.

Three-Point Line: Breaking Down the Pros & Cons

May 16th, 2007

So the NCAA Rules Committee has recommended moving the three-point line back a foot, from 19’ 9” from the hoop to 20’ 9”. Over the past several days I have read numerous reactions to this proposed modification, which, if approved, will be implemented in the 2008-2009 season. Responses run the gamut from supportive to bitterly opposed, with quite a few doses of relative indifference lying indolently in the middle.

Daily Dribble: 2008 NCAA Tournament Projection

March 19th, 2007

We're only a week through the 2007 Big Dance.. but its never too early to start thinking about next year's Tournament. Here's an early projection of the 2008 NCAA Tournament field:

Big East (8) - Louisville - (DePaul, Marquette, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Providence, UCONN, West Virginia)**
Pac-10 (6) - UCLA - (Arizona, Stanford, USC, Washington, Washington State)
SEC (6) - Kentucky - (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee)
ACC - UNC (5) - (Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, NC State)
Big 12 (4) - Kansas - (Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas)

Daily Dribble: Final BCS Power Ranking

March 7th, 2007

In the last Dribble, I ranked all 66 2nd tier conferences. Today I've put together a 73-team ranking of BCS schools. I also did this late in January, and those rankings are in parentheses..

BCS Power Ranking, 1 to 73

1. Ohio State 15-1 27-3 (6)
2. UCLA 15-3 26-4 (1)
3. North Carolina 11-5 25-6 (3)
4. Florida 13-3 26-5 (2)
5. Kansas 14-2 27-4 (9)
6. Wisconsin 13-3 27-4 (4)
7. Texas A&M 13-3 25-5 (7)
8. Georgetown 13-3 23-6 (24)
9. Pittsburgh 12-4 25-6 (5)
10. Washington State 13-5 24-6 (13)
11. Oregon 11-7 23-7 (8)
12. Notre Dame 11-5 23-6 (16)
13. Marquette 10-6 23-8 (12)

Daily Dribble: Pac-10 Overrated?

February 2nd, 2007

Thanks to those who emailed comments about Wednesday's historical Conference RPI Daily Dribble. Particularly to a guy by the name of Tom Stephenson, who sent over some expanded stats going back to 1994 that I hope to put in an upcoming Dribble.

But for now, back to the regularly scheduled show.. which apparently is about a) how surprising Washington State is, and b) how the Pac-10's greatness is overrated:

Coming off a surprising loss at Stanford, and having lost to Oregon earlier in the year, you knew UCLA was going to come out and own the Ducks last night. They did, getting up 22 to 9 start and never looking back.

Daily Dribble: BCS Power Ranking

January 25th, 2007

I decided to try something new today.. a ranking of all 73 BCS Teams. Putting together this ranking was more time consuming than I expected.. so I won't include commentary. If you disagree or agree with the ranking, there's always the comment section below.

BCS Power Ranking, 1 to 73

1. UCLA 6-1 17-1
2. Florida 5-0 18-2
3. North Carolina 5-1 18-2
4. Wisconsin 6-0 20-1
5. Pittsburgh 6-1 18-3
6. Ohio State 5-1 17-3
7. Texas A&M 4-1 16-3
8. Oregon 6-1 18-1
9. Kansas 4-1 17-3
10. Virginia Tech 5-1 15-5
11. Duke 3-2 16-3
12. Marquette 5-2 18-4

Who is the ACC's Best Freshman?

December 17th, 2006
Brandan Wright (15, 6 rpg)
48% (244 votes)
Brandon Costner (16, 7 rpg)
9% (48 votes)
Ishmael Smith (11, 8 apg)
2% (12 votes)
Javaris Crittenton (14 ppg)
4% (18 votes)
Jon Scheyer (10 ppg)
26% (131 votes)
Thaddeus Young (13 ppg, 5 rpg)
3% (15 votes)
Tywon Lawson (10, 4 apg)
5% (23 votes)
Wayne Ellington (13 ppg)
3% (15 votes)
Total votes: 506

11/23: Daily Dribble

November 23rd, 2006

A lot of talk on CHN's message board this week about who would win the Josh Heytvelt-Tyler Hansbrough battle on Thanksgiving eve. In the end, it was Heytvelt's 19 and 8 boards which accounted for the difference in Gonzaga's big win over #2 ranked North Carolina. For Hansbrough, his 7 points was the 2nd lowest ouput of his career, and the first time he's scored under double digits since last December 3rd. By my count, this is 27 games in a row.. and in fact Hansbrough never had less than 13 in any of those 27. More important than Hansbrough's struggles (you know he'll start another impressive streak) is Gonzaga's statement to the basketball world that they still matter. All the talk of the young guns in Carolina, Duke, and other places.. but the Zags are basically a sophomore and freshman dominated team outside of Raivio.

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