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Backboard Bricks- A Trip to Mecca at the Palestra 2-17-07

February 17th, 2007

Backboard Bricks- Consistently Off-Target Commentary 2-17-07

Inaugural Post- A Trip to Mecca at the Palestra in Philadelphia, PA

Inspired by the good people here at CHN I decided a few weeks ago to embark on a journey to a variety of different college basketball venues. I, as I’m sure many of you as well, have viewed a countless number of games via various television networks but other than NCAA tournament games, and my hometown teams I really haven’t taken the opportunity to experience the true spirit of college basketball in person. Then a few weeks ago Bill Kintner wrote an article about his experiences with the various different arenas and I decided I wanted to see them for myself as well. You can find Bill’s fantastic article here: