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February 9th, 2009
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National Leader: Season

- Jeff Fox maintains a 1 point lead over Matthew Ryter (89-88).


National Leader: Week

- mattritz snagged his first thanks to a highly impressive 11 point week. He only missed the Gonzaga/Memphis game.


Mid-Major Leaders: Season

- inflow is still the leader with 72 points but bballraider has made a strong push and is only 2 games back


Mid-Major Leaders: Week

- combinement13, cheesenick, bwhite44 earned   with 10 correct. Combinement13 snags this week's prize due to being tied for 7th overall.



- SU Orange had just 3 correct in the National League. Blame that in part on being too much of a fan to pick Villanova..

- ejbsparta & Zag Man (both past winners) finished won at the bottom of the Mid-Major game with 4 points.


Feb 9-15

- Both leagues begin Wednesday night

- 12 games to pick in each league. Good luck!

- Check out the new charts on the dashboard page, which will be tweaked and improved later in the week.

- All prizes thus far should be sent out by the end of the week


Dashboard: Pickem Dashboard - Mid-Major Dashboard



Please email CHN editor Shawn Siegel at shawn@collegehoops.net


National Games (12):

Xavier at Dayton
San Diego St. at Utah
North Carolina at Duke
UCLA at Arizona St.
Illinois at Northwestern
Villanova at West Virginia
Northeastern at George Mason
Kentucky at Arkansas
Minnesota at Penn St.
Kansas at Kansas St.
Ohio St. at Wisconsin
North Carolina at Miami (Fla.)


Mid-Major Games (12):

Xavier at Dayton
Illinois St. at Evansville
San Diego St. at Utah
Milwaukee at Cleveland St.
Ark.-Little Rock at Arkansas St.
Gonzaga at St. Mary's (Cal.)
Princeton at Yale
Northeastern at George Mason
Western Ky. at Troy
Portland St. at Weber St.
Tulsa at UCF
Buffalo at Ball St.


Talk trash, brag about your success, or discuss this week's Pickem Games here. Also feel free to post any questions about the game.


New players, introduce yourself here as well. Good luck!




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