Pickem: End of Season Winners & Discussion!

March 9th, 2009
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Thanks for playing everyone. Hope you enjoyed it. Look forward to next season already, and if all goes well, the game will be tweaked/improved so it's even better.



shu09 & nova29 are our prize-winners! A pair of Big East guys earn a $125 Best Buy gift card (and perhaps a few other book & dvd goodies).


Matthew Ryter deserves credit for finishing 2nd and 4th respectively in the two leagues. This fine accomplishment earns him.. nothing. Oh well.



- Quigg33 wins the final mid-major crown (his first) with 11 correct. He receives the final week's prize.

- No one earns the final national league crown as there was a logjam atop the leaderboard. However, Jon Teitel gets the weekly prize. 31st place was the best of the lot.



- chefdixie was the worst of all players who participated in the National League each week, finishing in 46th place. To put that in perspective, basanio missed the first four weeks and finished with the same total. Hopefully CD will be back next year to redeem himself.

- Jeff Fox was the worst season-long Mid-Major player. He didn't really do that bad, but a much higher % of Mid-Major players missed a week here or there. ransaldi also deserves mention for being the worst player who missed one week.


Final Notes

- shu09, nova29, quigg03, and Jon Teitel.. make sure you respond to my prize email.

- Due to the hectic nature of NCAA Tournament week, your prizes may take a few weeks to arrive.

- Post any final thoughts, suggestions, etc, etc in the comments section during the off-season.

- Thanks again for spending some time at collegehoops.net!




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