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December 29th, 2008
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National Leader: Season

- For the second week in a row, CHN contributor Matthew Ryter leads the way with 41 42 points, but he only had 5 correct during a very challenging schedule.


National Leader: Week

- Also, for the 2nd week in a row, there was a huge group of leaders, as 7 8 of 10 was good enough to take the cake. 10 8 people managed that score, including first time player Brian Wilbanks, who makes a solid debut. No crowns once again for anybody..


Mid-Major Leaders: Season

- inflow & herbs147 are tied atop the standings with 26 points. Last week's dominating leader inflow had 5 measley points this time around..


Mid-Major Leaders: Week

-  herbs147 was a man amongst boys with 9 of 10 games earning the . He missed Drexel over Rider.



- Amongst players who have participated each week, dallascboys022 is our low man with 25 points (5 per week).

- englandwood is in the cellar amongst regular MM players with just 14 points in 3 weeks.


New Year's Week Notes:

- Important: After the shortened schedule last week, we're back with the standard Wednesday night start, and 12 games in each league.

- More Important: The first game Wednesday is at 12 PM EST, so you need to get your picks in earlier than us


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National Week Five Games (12):

Michigan St. at Minnesota
Wisconsin at Michigan
UNLV at Louisville
Fairfield at Siena
Villanova at Marquette
Arizona at California
Arizona St. at Stanford
Pittsburgh at Georgetown
Tennessee at Kansas
Wake Forest at BYU
Illinois at Michigan
Kentucky at Louisville


Mid-Major Week Three Games (12):

Evansville at Illinois St.
Gonzaga at Utah
Wyoming at Utah St.
Fairfield at Siena
Rider at Iona
North Dakota St. at Oakland
Pacific Penn at Cal St. Northridge
Old Dominion at Georgia St.
Green Bay at Ill.-Chicago
San Diego St. at Air Force
Santa Clara at New Hampshire
UC Santa Barbara at UC Riverside


Talk trash, brag about your success, or discuss this week's Pickem Games here. Also feel free to post any questions about the game.


New players, introduce yourself here as well. Good luck!




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