Pickem Prizes, Finally (And no I'm not dead)

March 4th, 2010
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Hey guys,

Sorry for disappearing for pretty much the last 2 or 3 months.. I'm still alive and kicking. Could make various excuses for where I've been, but no matter.. anyways, I have season-long pickem prizes set to go out.. once the final week wraps up.

Prizes - Best Buy Gift Cards (Note: You have the option of accepting payment by PayPal as well. Its up to you. Ie, instead of $100 gift card, you'll get $100 sent to a PayPal account of your choosing. The only kicker is if you accept over PayPal, you won't get the bonus book/dvd mailed to you (if you're prize includes a book or dvd.)


1st - $125

2nd - $50 + Basketball Book

3rd - $25 + Book or DVD



1st - $125

2nd - $50 + Basketball Book

3rd -$25 + Book or DVD



1st - $45 + Basketball Book

2nd - $25 + Book or DVD

*This is combined points between the two games. (If you win one of the main prizes too, this is added on.)


I'll send an email out about this shortly.. sorry again for going AWOL.



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