Pickem TrashTalk and Discussion: Jan 5-11

January 5th, 2009
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National Leader: Season

- Our Pickem leader continues to be.. CHN contributor Matthew Ryter (51 of 70 correct). Another long-time CHN writer, Jeff Fox, is in 2nd place.


National Leader: Week

- Jeff Fox made his move into 2nd place thanks to an impressive 10 point week. Jeff locks up his first crown:


Mid-Major Leaders: Season

- inflow regains sole possession of the top spot with 33 points on the season, barely edging out herbs147


Mid-Major Leaders: Week

- hsmall111, Evan Dorey, DSchnoor, and Supplicationjam picked 8 of 12 games correctly. Each receives a



- NCbornALraised struggled in the MM game with just 2 measly wins.

- In the National league, a whole bunch of people only picked 4 correct. I'll spare them the shame of being mentioned.


Jan 5-11

- Both leagues begin Wednesday night

- 12 games to pick in each league. Good luck!

- Check out the new charts on the dashboard page, which will be tweaked and improved later in the week.


Dashboard: Pickem Dashboard - Mid-Major Dashboard



Please email CHN editor Shawn Siegel at shawn@collegehoops.net


National Games (12):

Davidson at Duke

Gonzaga at Tennessee

Nevada at New Mexico St.

California at Washington

San Diego at San Francisco

Duke at Florida St.

UAB at Houston

Texas A&M at Oklahoma St.

Louisville at Villanova

LSU at Alabama

North Carolina at Wake Forest

UCLA at Southern California


Mid-Major Games (12):

Tulsa at Southern Miss.

Southern Ill. at Wichita St.

VCU at Drexel

Nevada at New Mexico St.

Green Bay at Milwaukee

San Diego at San Francisco

Old Dominion at George Mason

Memphis at UCF

Rhode Island at St. Joseph's

Utah at San Diego St.

Albany (N.Y.) at Vermont

Siena at Manhattan


Talk trash, brag about your success, or discuss this week's Pickem Games here. Also feel free to post any questions about the game.


New players, introduce yourself here as well. Good luck!




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