Pickem TrashTalk & Discussion: Jan 19-25

January 19th, 2009
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National Leader: Season

- Jeff Fox finally passes Matthew Ryter in first, though neither was in the running for weekly leader.


National Leader: Week

- Scores were higher than usual this week. The league average of 7.71 set a new record.. notredame, inflow, and Pumpkin Pounders Each earns their 1st gold crowns: . inflow is now one of the few players with crowns in both leagues.


Mid-Major Leaders: Season

- inflow returns to first place after a solid 10 point week. The surprising disappearance of former leader herbs147 also helped..


Mid-Major Leaders: Week

- bwhite44 had a very impressive showing with 11 correct (only missing Lamar), earning the   for getting 10 picks right.



- No amazingly bad 2 or 3 points weeks in the National game, though a bunch of guys only had 5 right.

- recurve & Poop Slingers only managed 4 measley wins the Mid-Major league.


Jan 19-25

- Both leagues begin Wednesday night

- 12 games to pick in each league. Good luck!

- Note: Last week their was some confusion as I put Cal at Washington on Thurs even though it was Cal vs WSU. However, Cal did in fact play Washington on Saturday, and thus all the correcy Cal picks have been left as is. Apologies for the confusion!!


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National Games (12):

Baylor at Kansas St.
Arizona St. at Arizona
Purdue at Minnesota
St. Mary's (Cal.) at San Diego
Memphis at Tennessee
UCLA at Washington
Connecticut at Notre Dame
Xavier at LSU
Louisville at Syracuse
Florida at Vanderbilt
Michigan St. at Ohio St.


Mid-Major Games (12):

George Mason at Northeastern
VMI at Radford
Ark.-Little Rock at South Ala.
St. Mary's (Cal.) at San Diego
New Mexico St. at Boise St.
Rider at Fairfield
American at Holy Cross
Drake at Creighton
Jackson St. at Grambling
Tulsa at UTEP
Jacksonville at Fla. Gulf Coast


Talk trash, brag about your success, or discuss this week's Pickem Games here. Also feel free to post any questions about the game.


New players, introduce yourself here as well. Good luck!




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