Prize Claim & Tiebreaker

March 9th, 2010
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Hey guys,

Here are the winners & associated prizes. There was one tie, atop the National standings. In the past, I've broken ties by either a) giving it to the player with the most CHN Points, or b) doing a pick-off. I didn't officially mention a tie-breaker in the beginning of the season, so I'm reluctant to add one now. Instead, I'm going to split the prize between wagg & golddomefan, and do $90 Best Buy Gift Card each.  Remember that you have the option of accepting PayPal instead of the gift card if you choose. All winners will be contacted by email this morning.There will be a three week period to claim your prize, if I don't hear back from you, then you won't get a prize.

Oddly enough there wasn't a single repeat winner from last year in the final standings.



117 pts wagg - $125

117 pts golddomefan - $50 + Basketball Book 

115 pts evan1237 -- $25 + Book or DVD

114 pts BFPAWG and Syarcuse_Orange4 (just missed)

137 pts inflow -- $125
131 pts BFPWAG -- $50 + Basketball Book
129 pts heatplayer 06 -- $25 + Book or DVD

Overall scores:

245 pts BFPAWG -- $45 + Basketball Book
239 pts Wayne5914 -- $25 + Book or DVD
237 pts mubrewcrew (just missed)


Thanks for playing!!

__________________ President & Editor