GameNight: Memphis vs Missouri (Matchup Comparison)

March 26th, 2009
Mar 26 2009 - 9:37pm

One of the day's 2 best games along with Duke/Villanova.. most of the country will unfortunately only get to see limited segments. Memphis is known as one of the country's best defensive teams, while Missouri is known for pushing the tempo and putting 80+ on the board. You figure Memphis is more than capable of running up and down though considering the personnel they have.


Hopefully you stay up late and watch this Sweet Sixteen battle. Should be fun.



#2 Memphis


#3 Missouri




Tyreke Evans

Must avoid turnovers against feisty Zoo D.




Zaire Taylor

Inconsistent scorer needs to step up.


Doneal Mack

Disappears every other game. Never know.



Matt Lawrence

Better shooter & scorer than 9 ppg suggests.

Antonio Anderson

Quality defender can mix it up down low. No perimeter game.



J.T. Tiller

Underrated contributor who can be annoying on D and handle the rock.

Robert Dozier

Underrated player does everything Cal asks. Not incapable of outplaying Carroll.



DeMarre Carroll

Solid all-around player, even getting better at hitting outside shots.

Shawn Taggart

Called upon to provide inside toughness.



Leo Lyons

Statistically one of the most efficient forwards in the country.


Willie Kemp

Becoming less and less of a factor.



Miguel Paul

Gets 5 mpg to advance ball up the court.


Can Sallie continue to light it up?




English has been the equivalent sparkplug of Sallie.


Pierre Henderson-Niles

Takes up space, and amusing to watch..



Decent players lost behind stars Carroll and Lyons.