Interview w/ West Virgina's John Flowers

March 20th, 2008

Live from Washington DC, CHN's Jon Teitel is covering the NCAA Tournament pod featuring Xavier/Georgia, Baylor/Purdue, West Virginia/Arizona, and Belmont/Duke. He'll be checking in periodically with player & coach interviews as well as news updates from the Verizon Center.


Tonight, Jon brings us an interview with West Virginia freshman John Flowers:


Q: What do you know about Arizona?

A: Every team in the NCAA Tournament is good.  We will just prepare the same as we have for all of our games this year.


Q: Your team has had a great assist-to-turnover ratio all year: how important has that been to your success.

A: We do our best to not have a lot of turnovers.  The more you have the ball, the better chance you have to do something with it.


Q: What is Coach Huggins like?

A: He is a good coach, and has a great track record of getting his players to the NBA.  He does a great job of preparing us for every game.


Q: You are a freshman: how has the transition been from being recruited by former West Virginia coach John Beilein to playing for Coach Huggins?

A: Coach Beilein was great to me during the recruiting process, and I felt that I would be a good fit for his system.  That being said, I have no regrets about choosing to play at West Virginia after Coach Beilein left, and I am happy to be here.


Q: In light of Joe Alexander’s outstanding play over the past month, has the team made an effort to run the offense through him?

A: We just continue to run our offense.  Joe is a great player who can take over a game by himself, but we have a lot of other good players as well.


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