Kenny Hasbrouck, Siena: Tournament Talk Q&A

March 18th, 2009's Jon Teitel  is in Philadelphia all week bringing you live coverage and interviews from one of the opening weekend's most intriguing venues.


Kenny Hasbrouck, Sr, G, Siena

Q: What did you learn from playing in last year’s NCAA tourney?
A: We learned that every possession counts. In our win over Vanderbilt, we buckled down on defense. In our loss to Villanova, we did not capitalize on the turnovers that we forced.

Q: How do you feel about your #9 seed (highest in school history), and about playing Ohio State in Dayton?
A: We feel good about the match-up. They are good and have a lot of talent, but they are very beatable, and we match-up well with the backcourt we have. It will just be another tough road game for us.

Q: What did you learn from your non-conference schedule (lost to Tennessee/Pitt/Kansas)?
A: We gained confidence that we can beat the good teams. I was in a slump for our losses to the 3 best teams on our schedule. Our opponents had some small runs that gave them the win, but we played them tough.

Q: What are your team’s strengths/weaknesses?
A: We just have to play our type of ball (running up and down the court), but all the big-time teams have big players.

Q: How do you maintain your offensive balance with several upperclassmen?
A: We’re not selfish, so if someone has the hot hand, then we are fine with them scoring 30 and everyone else getting 10, and our bench has been good too.

Q: What did you learn from beating tourney teams like UNI and Cornell?
A: We just used the same type of game plan, and it was just easier to execute because they are smaller than the top teams.

Q: Did you think Niagara should have made the NCAA tourney (Siena beat them in January, lost to them in February, then beat them in March)?
A: They are hit or miss because they take a ton of threes. They can score 100 points if they are on, but we just did not bring it for game #2 because we had just clinched our conference regular season title.

Q: Why do you like playing for Coach McCaffery?
A: He is a great coach and a great recruiter, and that combination is hard to find these days. He is a down to earth guy, which makes it easy to play for him. He lets us play our game, rather than turning us into someone we’re not.

Q: Since you were born in DC, what do you think of the DC basketball scene?
A: Michael Beasley and Kevin Durant have shown just how good the area is. It was so competitive growing up, as I played against a lot of stars in this year’s tourney: Sam Young (Pitt), Ty Lawson (UNC), Arinze Onuaku (Syracuse), Dante Cunningham (Villanova), etc.

Q: Since your teammate Ryan Rossiter’s brother Steve plays for Davidson, are any of your players ready to play like Stephen Curry?
A: We don’t have anyone at Curry’s level, but we will try to make deep run, and just have to put it all on the court.


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