Larry Eustachy: Head Coach Q&A

October 28th, 2008

College Basketball's Best Coaches is lucky to have access to some of the best coaches in college basketball. As part of our preseason interview series, we thought it would be appropriate to ask these basketball minds about the best things that their team and college basketball has to offer.


Larry Eustachy: Southern Miss

We continue this month long Q&A Series with Golden Each coach Larry Eustachy, who has won over 300 games at the D1 level. Coach Eustachy was kind enough to take time out of his busy preseason schedule to answer questions for What will be the best strength of this year's team?


Larry Eustachy) Our back court has experience, and with the amount of time we spend on it, I would like to think defending and rebounding.



CHN) Who will be the biggest leaders on this year's squad?


LE)  We have a lot of candidates, but we need a couple of guys to be more consistent in that role.



CHN) Tie score, with just a few seconds left … who will be your go-to guy in those situations?


LE)  Jeremy Wise is the obvious selection, but I would feel very confident with Courtney Beasley.  [Editor: Wise scored 18.7 ppg last year, while the senior Beasley added 10.5 ppg]



CHN) What's the best change you've made in your coaching style in recent seasons?


LE)  I’m not sure what coaching style it is, but I like to think we hold our players accountable and play the game the right way.  



CHN) If everything goes according to plan, what's the best case scenario this season?


LE)  To be playing our best quality of basketball to date in the five seasons I’ve been here. 08-09 Preview: InterviewsComplete Top 144 Ranking08-09 Preview HomepageDiscuss the Preview