Live From DC: Q&A w/ Baylor's Mark Shepherd

March 20th, 2008

Live from Washington DC, CHN's Jon Teitel is covering the NCAA Tournament pod featuring Xavier/Georgia, Baylor/Purdue, West Virginia/Arizona, and Belmont/Duke. He'll be checking in periodically with player & coach interviews as well as news updates from the Verizon Center.


Tonight, Jon brings us an interview with Baylor's  Mark Shepherd:


Q: What is your day like today?

A: We had a walk through earlier today of our plays and Purdue’s plays, trying to find out their different habits, but I have no idea what we are doing later today.


Q: You were the last team announced on Selection Sunday: what was the mood like in the room before the announcement, and what happened afterwards?

A: It was very tense on Sunday.  Once they called our names, there were hugs everywhere.  In all honesty, I thought we were getting in, but it was torture waiting on the last spot. 


Q: What was the 5-overtime game against Texas A&M like?

A: It was a battle all night, as both teams just kept on fighting.  It was the longest game I have ever seen, but it was a classic, and a lot of fun.


Q: What is Coach Drew like?

A: He is a very nice guy, with great Christian morals, and one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met.  He is preparing us for our Tournament game just like he has prepared us all year long.


Q: How has the basketball program changed over the past several years since the shooting tragedy earlier this decade?

A: I am 1 of 3 seniors on the roster, so I got here right after everything happened.  I saw it as an opportunity to build the program back up, and the fact that we made the tourney shows that we were able to turn it around.  We have not received respect for a while, but now we have it.


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