March Madness: Recap Of The First Two Rounds

March 23rd, 2008
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Well, after weeks of build-up, the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament are finally over. This year was certainly one of the more interesting years, especially if you were in Tampa. Tampa was the one Regional where not only all upsets occurred, but they were all double digit teams! Truly remarkable and these teams should be applauded.

Before I give a recap, let's update the last set of games:

-There might actually be something to this free throw thing. If Memphis makes free throws, we don't have a nail biter/potential overtime game. The name of the game is winning and Memphis did what they needed to. Me thinks they should be practicing free throws if they are part of this conversation next week.

-UNC and Louisville win very easy games and move on. Their Sweet Sixteen matchup should be awesome!

Jared's Second Round record: 10-6 for the round; 33-15 overal.

First Two Round Recap:

-For those down on picking any #12 seeds to move on, we have two: Villanova and Western Kentucky. We nearly saw a #15 beat a #2 (It's Belmont, for those who haven't heard of them); we saw two #13 seeds win their first games. We have a #10 in Davidson moving on, in addition to all of the #1 seeds.

-Lower seeded teams were 3-13 today and 11-37 so far.

-How about the teams that were questionable (in my mind) for even being in the tournament?

Arizona: Lost in the first round to a very tough West Virginia team that I think is under-rated.

Villanova: Proved doubters like me very wrong. Cinderella in seeding, but I don't feel they are in the strictest sense. This is a solid team and could make Kansas sweat.

Kentucky: Probably didn't deserve to be in and their performance showed.

St. Joseph's: Very iffy to be in and played Oklahoma tough.

-Teams that impressed:

Davidson: Came back from big deficits in both games and proved doubters that they could beat a non SoCo team.

Georgia: Yes, they lost their first game, but they played hard and they played with passion. Impressive to me considering what they had to do to get in the Tournament.

West Virginia: God I hate to say it, but they played good and tough. Their style could be very indictative of a style you might see from teams down the road.

Michigan State: They are playing well at exactly the right time. I didn't expect this considering how inconsistent they were, but they they could give Memphis trouble.

Wisconsin: I think a lot of people would have wanted to see somebody with a super frosh in this slot, but Wisconsin dispatched both USC and K-State rather easily. Their matchup with Davidson will be a great one.

Butler: They played big, even in defeat. I think they are now becoming the next Gonzaga, where being ranked with the big boys will no longer be surprising.

-Teams that Dissappointed:

Vanderbilt: I don't think a lot of people were surprised they lost; it was the manner that they lost. They got destroyed.

Duke: They really should have lost the first game, then got dominated in the second half on Saturday. They really should consider a style change. They will continue to lose like this if they don't.

Georgetown: Something has seemed off most of the year and they could not close out Davidson. It's too bad, because they were capable of surprising Kansas if it got that far and I don't see them being this good next year.

Indiana: They played liked they didn't belong or wanted to be here. Which is too bad, because there were schools snubbed that would have killed to be in the Dance.

USC: I expected more, as did most people. Now the question is whether they get here next year without OJ Mayo

I will finally take a break from college basketball for a few days and start on the the next thing I hold precious: Baseball. The season starts this week unbelievably and I will devote some posts to that. I will do a preview of the Sweet Sixteen later this week.

One last thing: Andy Rooney is still alive???