National Media Final Four Picks: UNC & UCLA Dominate

March 18th, 2008

We've made our predictions, but what do other national experts and media publications have to say? Here's a sampling of what some of the big names say about the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Note that just about everyone picked UNC and UCLA to make the finals.. either we're all stupid or there's really two clear-cut favorites this year.  Time will tell.


Media Champ Runner Up Final 4 Final 4 UNC UCLA Pittsburgh G'Town
Bleacher Report Tenn. Kansas Texas UCONN
Frank Burlison UCLA Kansas Texas UNC
Charlotte Observer UNC UCLA Texas Wisconsin
Chicago Daily H. Kansas Pittsburgh UNC Xavier UCLA UNC Memphis G'Town
Dallas Morn. News UNC UCLA Texas Kansas
Seth Davis UCLA Kansas Texas Tennessee
Mike DeCourcy UCLA Kansas Memphis UNC
Gregg Doyel CBS UCLA UNC Memphis Wisconsin
ESPN Readers UNC UCLA Memphis Kansas
Clark Kellogg UCLA UNC Memphis G'Town UNC UCLA Memphis G'Town
NY Newsday UCLA UNC Texas G'Town
OC Register UCLA UNC Texas Kansas
Gary Parrish CBS UCLA Kansas Texas UNC
Bill Simmons UNC UCLA Memphis USC
Grant Wahl UCLA Kansas Texas Louisville



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