NBA: Lebron Isn't Going Anywhere..

September 26th, 2008

By: Steve Kyler 




Keeping LeBron: Cavalier's owner Dan Gilbert expressed his frustrations with the national media for their rampant commentary regarding LeBron James pending free agency in 2010, saying he felt it was an insult to Cleveland. There is no questioning that the summer of 2010 will be an interesting time, as it will be one of the largest "Big Name" free agent classes in recent NBA history.

The reality is while everyone assumes that New York, New Jersey and Miami will all be big attractive players in the marketplace, the odds that any of the major names changes teams is remote. Most of the teams jockeying for cap space are teams that are rebuilding, teams that are hoping to re-shape their future after years and years of bad salaries.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have absolutely the best financial package for Lebron James, he has a history with the team and the team is committed to building a winner. Sure LeBron has done everything but blow kisses at New York, wait he did that too… The odds that LeBron leaves money on the table are slim.

There is hope that LeBron will be willing to do that, giving New York or New Jersey a shot at forcing a sign and trade, but in the NBA players do not leave money on the table and we no longer live in a world where market share matters. LeBron James is a global mega star from Cleveland; landing in New York does not make LeBron a bigger name. LeBron becomes a bigger name by winning, and that my friends is what will sway LeBron the most – where can he win and win big.

Dan Gilbert has a valid point, it's insulting to a market to believe they are somehow inadequate to support a star, LeBron has done OK for himself in Cleveland, and that's not going to change unless the Cavs head to the lottery. And for the record, Europe is not going to steal a mega star like LeBron, Kobe or Dwayne Wade. That's a huge step backwards for this level of talent.

The smart money says Dwayne Wade re-signs in Miami, Chris Bosh re-ups with Toronto, and LeBron James remains a cavalier until the wheels fall off. Why? Because those teams can pay them $20 million more than anyone else can.