NBA: Sunday Training Camp Scoop

October 5th, 2008
Training Camp Injuries
Several teams across the league are seeing guys get hurt during early practices, putting fear into a lot of fans' hearts before the season even starts. The Dallas Mavericks for example already have lost Jason Kidd and Josh Howard for stretches at recent practices, and the Chicago Bulls have had issues with Joakim Noah's eye and sprained ankles for Thabo Sefolosha and Aaron Gray.
And these are just the first that come to mind—several teams are seeing sprained ankles and twisted knees and other minor lacerations. If we didn't know any better, we'd assume teams were going to start dipping into their NBDL teams to put enough guys on the floor for the start of season. But don't fret, folks. These guys are going to be fine.
From now until the season starts, there really is no reason to take any chances with guys who get hurt, even though those injuries are minor. By the time the season starts, most rosters will be at full strength ready to roll. 
Tinsley Deal Still Looming
The latest from HOOPSWORLD's Travis Heath is that several league sources expect the Jamaal Tinsley-to-Denver deal to be consummated in the next few days. The Nuggets keep saying that nothing is imminent, and Chucky Atkins and Steven Hunter have still been attending practices, but people around the league keep insisting it's going to happen.
Considering people in Colorado are still bent out of shape about Marcus Camby being shipped away for literally nothing, it would be nice to see Denver pick up the point guard they need so badly without having to really give anything up. Nothing is done yet, though, but we should have a definitive idea in the next few days.
Pistons Finally Pick Fifth Starter
It's not that this a huge surprise, but Pistons head coach Michael Curry has named Amir Johnson as the team's fifth starter. Several weeks ago the team made it clear that former starter Antonio McDyess would be heading back to the bench to open up a starting spot for one of the team's burgeoning young post players.
While Johnson has long been considered the likely candidate to fill that role, the drama involved came from the possibility that Jason Maxiell would be the new starter. Seeing McDyess and Maxiell on the bench, along with potential breakout guard Rodney Stuckey, gives the Pistons one of the deepest teams they've had in years.
Happy Time in the NBA
About 90% of the articles you're going to read in the newspapers over the next few weeks are going to be disgustingly optimistic. This is not a time when you're going to hear a lot in terms of trade rumors because most organizations are comfortable with what they've currently got heading into the season. Instead, we're all talking about possibilities and mumbling optimism—the only time all season when fans of all thirty teams have hope. You never know what time will be surprisingly excellent, and which team will be surprisingly bad. Now is the time to enjoy the hope, folks. We get started for real in just a few weeks!