Now..Did Anyone Really Pick Davidson???

March 28th, 2008
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I sure as hell did not; I only picked them to win in the first round. They are one win away from being the most improbable Final Four team since George Mason. Which team is (was) more surprising: Mason or Davidson? I say it's Mason and it's not even close. Mason was not supposed to be in the tournament, let alone beating the last two National Champions AND the best team in the nation to many, on the way to the Final Four. Mason even had a player who was suspended for a nut shot in their conference tournament. Davidson, no question, has been a surprise. But, they've beaten Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin. Hardly a trifecta of greatness, compared to Mason beating UNC, Michigan State and UConn. Davidson's road should end against Kansas. For shits and giggles, read this link:

Yeah, yeah, it's super lameo of me to post my own link. However, this prooves I was thinking about Davidson before most people paid the fare for the bandwagon. So there.

Texas looks really tough and I truly think they can upset Memphis on Sunday. My bracket even says so. The Regional finals are each shaping up to be awesome, and I continue to stand by my Final Four picks: UNC, Kansas, Texas and UCLA.

Isn't Baseball season about to start??