Pickem Game: Congrats Prize Winners

March 9th, 2010
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college basketball pickemCongrats to the following CHN members for winning prizes in the season-long Pickem games. We had no repeat winners from last year, so no one can claim dominance yet. (BFPAWG was the only player to claim two prizes this year, 2nd in the Mid-Major game and 1st in combined points.)

All winners will be contacted individually this morning about claiming their prize.

Thanks again for playing. I know things weren't quite as smooth this season, but hopefully I'll be able to put in full time on the games next season.

Good luck in all your NCAA Tournament contests!

(All $ prizes below are Best Buy gift cards or PayPal payment depending on winner's choice.)


117 pts wagg - $125
117 pts golddomefan - $50 + Basketball Book
115 pts evan1237 -- $25 + Book or DVD


137 pts inflow -- $125
131 pts BFPWAG -- $50 + Basketball Book
129 pts heatplayer 06 -- $25 + Book or DVD

Overall combined scores:

245 pts BFPAWG -- $45 + Basketball Book
239 pts Wayne5914 -- $25 + Book or DVD

Thanks for playing!!